Maria Polyakova. Own among strangers. (2015)

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Producer Studio Roscosmos

Director: Aleksej Kitajcev

Script writers: Aleksandr Ostrovskij

Operators: Vyacheslav Krasakov, Konstantin Kolodyazhnij, Artem Lebedj, Boris Gotgeljf

Anouncers: Vladimir Yumatov


An interview with retired GRU Lieutenant Colonel Maria Polyakova was allowed to be recorded only in 1992. Prior to that, any information about her secret work had been kept "top secret" for half a century. In 1932, Maria was sent to Berlin, this was her first business trip as an illegal intelligence officer...

Biography | Special services

Defense and internal security

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Loneliness in a foreign country is the lot of every scout.

In Germany, especially under the rule of fascists, Polyakova felt this especially acutely.

But it was even harder for her to imagine that in 10 years, in the autumn of 1941, she would receive a new task: to become a stranger among her own, a resident in Moscow, at home.

The long-range artillery of the Fascists shelled the suburbs of the capital, the government was evacuated, Muscovites hurriedly left the city, there were cases of panic.

In September 1941, it was decided to prepare for the worst case scenario, that is, for the capture of Moscow by the Germans.

The requirements for a Moscow resident were strict: brilliant knowledge of the German language, extensive work experience abroad, the ability to manage an agent network, knowledge of the radio channel and the possibility of deep conspiracy.

And no one knew that a simple weaver of the Trekhgorka named Vera was actually a Moscow resident, intelligence captain Maria Iosifovna Polyakova.

The film is based on documents from the personal archive of the Polyakov family, the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History and the archives of the Russian special services.

The film stars Maria Polyakova and her daughter Zlatana (Svetlana), Yuri Babayants, Alexander Kolpakidi, historians Siegfried Grundman and Hans Shafranek, Professor Finbarr (Barry) McLaughlin of the University of Vienna, Professor Peter Huber of the University of Basel, director of the ski school Pascal Defour, associate professor Pavel Kruglikov.


Polyakova M.I. - Soviet intelligence officer, lieutenant colonel of the GRU.
Stalin I.V. is a revolutionary, political, state, military and party leader.
Zhukov G.K. - Soviet commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union, four times Hero of the Soviet Union, Minister of Defense of the USSR (1955-1957).
Hitler A. - founder of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich, Reich Chancellor and Fuhrer of Germany, Supreme Commander of the German armed forces in World War II.
Babayants Yu.A. is a Soviet test engineer, statesman and public figure, retired Lieutenant General of the GRU, founder of the Union of Veterans of Military Intelligence (SVVR).
Kolpakidi A.I. - writer-historian, historian of special services, editor, head of the publishing house "Algorithm".
Kruglikov P.F. - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.


1920s 1930s 1941 1991 1992