Tale of a bright future.. (1991)

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Producer Film studio Yunost

Director: Kochetkov A. S.

Operators: Kochetkov A. S.


On the political situation in Nicaragua and the country's past general elections.

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Area them.

Carlos Fonseca in Managua, overgrown with grass.

Empty stands in the square.

Metal scaffolding from the stands.

On the area of grazing cattle.

Let the area of forests with metal stands.

Rally Sandinista (Sandinista Front campaign) on the area of Managua.

The people at the rally.

Looking girl.

On the stage in front of people singing and dancing girl.

The rally in the square.

People waving sticks.

President Daniel Ortega passes (the leader of the Sandinista Front) and others.

Girl dancing on stage with a man; the man.

Poster of Daniel Ortega.

On stage with the flag goes Daniel Ortega.

Multrabota "The Tale of a bright future." Managua from an airplane.

On the road passing cars.

The street is a woman with a boy; passing cars.

The streets of Managua.

On the sidewalk boys sell newspapers.

The streets of Managua.

Girl hiding under the trailer car.

Boy holding a cage with parrots.

Woman holds the mirror.

Are girls.

Market in Managua.

On the street passing cars; are boys.

Monument to the founder of the Sandinista Front for A. Sandino Square in Managua.

In the car sat a man.

Children on the carriageway offer motorists goods.

Monument A. Sandino.

To the station platform suitable train.

Sit in the train people.

Wagon Train: go boys, a woman with a sleeping baby in her arms.

The people on the platform of the station.

Boy on a train.

Passing trains.

Ruined temple.

Bell; soldier shakes bell.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1979 .: The area in the city of Managua.

People raise their hands on a man with a gun.

A man in military uniform hugging woman.

Children dance.

Woman welcomes the passing by car people.

The street passing car with people, among them a man with a gun.

Along the street are people with placards.

Acts leader Daniel Ortega, the Sandinista Front.

As air rises helicopter.

People on the lawn; among these children.

Children waving flags.

Said Vice President of Nicaragua Verhilio Godoy.

People in the area.

The elevator shaft; Daniel Ortega are the other members of the national leadership.

Verhilio says Godoy.

At the table in the garden sitting former Housing Minister and the Deputy Minister of the Interior Moises Hassan and others.

On the tree hangs a poster with a portrait of M. Hassan.

M. Hassan says.

Hands applauding. D. Ortega waves.

Looks Tomás Borge (one of the members of the National Leadership of Nicaragua).

People in the area and rejoices waving flags.

Standing applaud the members of the National Leadership T. Borge, D. Ortega and others.

Tomás Borge acts.

Newsreel: Soldiers are standing.

Pass children with toys - guns.

Acts T. Borge.

The streets patrolled by armed soldiers.

Are people with flags and banners.

On the street passing cars with soldiers.

Young men on the street eating ice cream.

Go down the street children.

It takes a formation of soldiers.

Says T. Borge.

On the parade ground of the prison inmates are ("contras").

The guests applauded.

Are women with children.

Looking men; women.

Are the "contras". "Contra" get documents for release from prison.

Men are holding documents.

People in the area.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Freed from prison, cuddling with relatives.

A man embraces a woman, a child.

They talk to the man.

People in the area.

A man embraces a woman; stroking the girl's head, kissing her.

Statue of the saint on the roof of the temple with the Sandinista flag.

Ruined temple.

Children stand in a ruined temple.

Poor neighborhood in the city of Managua.

Women wash clothes, shelter.

Man carries a wheelbarrow on the road with the child.

Drying clothes on the clothesline.

Girl standing at the door.

A woman with a child on the street.

Is a girl.

Poor neighborhood in the city of Managua, a ruined temple.

Street of the city.

The street is a boy.

Poster: Daniel Ortega and his son.

Stand with the inscription in Spanish.


Dancing girl.

Looking men with flags UNO (National Opposition Union Nicaragua).

The building of the newspaper "La Prensa".

Workers at the office.

Photos of the journalist and publisher of "La Prensa" Pedro Chamorro Hlakina and his wife Violetta Chamorro.

Photo: J. Chamorro's funeral.

Hlakina and son Carlos Fernando Chamorro Violeta sits at the table (Carlos unlike parents supporter of the Sandinista Front).

Photo: V. Chamorro children; Cristina Chamorro (daughter Violet) sits on the bike.

Says Christina Chamorro (supporter of the opposition Sandinistas).

The room sit journalists of the newspaper "La Prensa".

Man typing on a typewriter.

Says Carlos Chamorro.

UNO rally in the square.

People sit on the walls of the ruined cathedral.

Violetta Chamorro welcomes people.

Children on the site.

Man welcomes people.


People sit with placards, posters bring.

Passing people on horses with posters DNA. The streets of Managua.

Building; signboard.

In the lobby, sitting Secretary General of the Communist Party of Nicaragua Eli Altomirano and others.

Eli says Altomirano.

Portraits of Karl Marx and VI Lenin.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Destroyed houses.

Monument to the workers and peasants; inscription on the monument.

At the monument children dance.

Slogans in a foreign language.

A crowd of people.

The woman says in the manual speaker.

Listen to people.

Sitting man.

Said Vice President of Nicaragua Verhilio Godoy.

Eastern Market.

Said a member of the Supreme Council of Private Enterprise R. Gurdian.

The building of the ministry.

A sign with the words in Spanish.

Eastern Market selling people.

The man said banknotes.

Sitting outdoors shoemaker.

Man sitting on the sidewalk; woman holding a baby.

In the sky, hovering bird.

Landscape: the valley.

On the beach there are people.

Poor neighborhoods of Managua.

Woman takes off lingerie with rope.

Woman with children.

A girl with a broom sweeps the road.

A girl carries firewood.

The boy on the street wheels tire.

The inscription on the fence in Spanish.

Poor neighborhoods of Managua, the distance can be seen the monument of metal Augusto Sandino.

At the railroad tracks worth dog.

Passing trains with people.

On the streets on horseback galloping people with Sandinista flags.

It takes people.

A cameraman.

Hands applauding.

Looking young man.

In an open car on the street passing Daniel Ortega and others.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Turn to the polling station.

People at the polling station.

See the man.

On the street is the people.

Standing woman with a man, a girl; men; woman with a child, the other woman.

People go to the polling station.

Stand in front of TV journalists.

Television stands Daniel Ortega.

Newsreel: rock the bell.

The soldier shakes bell.

People raise their hands on a man with a gun.

Soldiers greet people riding in the car.

On the other car rides man with a gun.

On the balcony, a ruined building, there are people.

Page of the newspaper in Spanish. D. Ortega says; passes; appears on the television.

The TV screen.

Daniel Ortega and others sing standing.

A poster with a portrait of D. Ortega lying on the ground, another poster depicting D. Ortega and his daughter.

Men are removed from the metal poles posters, carried to the car.

Boys driven cars with debris; pick up trash on the square.

The boy carries a wheelbarrow with garbage.

Poor neighborhoods of Managua, the distance can be seen the metal silhouette of Sandino monument.

Let the area of Managua, a poster with a portrait of D. Ortega.

Photo by V. Chamorro and V. Godoy in the newspaper.

Let the area; Train rides with people.