InterTraining.. (1991)

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Director: Rybakova A.

Operators: Istomin A.


About the new association "Intertraining", designed for continuing economic education.

Economic cooperation

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Kremlin embankment.

Panorama, view of Red Square.

The movement of urban vehicles.

Hotel complex "Izmailovo".

General Director of the Intertraining Association V. I. Sukharev.

The conference room is packed with people.

The viewer's face.

Men make entries in magazines.

The girl's face.

In the lobby there is a poster of the association.

The audience is in the hall.

General Director of the association "Intertraining" V. I. Sukharev makes a report.

The sign of the association.

The Speech Of V. I. Suharev.

Three-deck motor ship of the Intertraining Association at the pier.

View of the river station.

The corridor of the ship with cabins.

The audience of the ship.

Participants of the training seminar.

On the blackboard is a diagram of the organization of training.

Information stand.

Conference room.

Barber shop.

The pennants.

Bartender with a shaker.

The bar is dimmed, and there are customers at the tables.

A bouquet of carnations with fir branches.

On a snow-covered glade, the branch of the association "Intertraining" in Zelenograd.

The educational part, the teacher checks the work of students at computers.

Lecture on information technology.

The girl's face.

The backs of students at their computers.

The monitor screen.

The roadway at the House of Unions.

Column of the House of Unions.

The sign of the Intertraining Association.

Student of the International Faculty of Economics Bogomolov B. P.

Round Hall of the House of Unions, conference.

The participants of the conference.

The hotel complex.

Banquet hall, conference participants at the tables.

Speech by a researcher, a panorama of the conference hall.

Listeners make notes in the journals.

Notes of notes.

Panorama of the conference hall with the audience.


Men's hands are clutching their glasses.

In the office at the table, the vice-president of the foundation, F. I. Peregudov, talks about the work of the Intertraining Association.

The Vice President's desktop.

Newspaper strips.

Speech by the Chairman of the Board of the commercial bank "Interbank" A.V. Molchanov.

A bank employee, a colleague of A.V. Molchanov at the table.

Pennants on the wall.

Moskvoretskaya embankment.

View of the Red Square.

The pennant of the Intertraining Association with the image of the Spasskaya Tower and the domes of St.

Basil's Cathedral.

Contact information of the association.

Key words

Economy, education


V.I. Suharev, generaljnij direktor associacii "Intertrejning"
B.P. Bogomolov, slushatelj mezhdunarodnogo ekonomicheskogo fakuljteta
F.I. Peregudov, vice-prezident fonda associacii "Intertrejning"
A.V. Molchanov, predsedatelj pravleniya kommercheskogo banka "Interbank"





Figures of science; Education
Biography; Science; Social life