The Forgotten War. (2002)

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Producer Film studio Otechestvo

Director: B. Krinitsin

Script writers: B. Krinitsin

Operators: G. Myakishev


Return the Great War in 1914 in our historical memory, to remember her great battles, defeats and victories, remember her forgotten heroes - the main task of the film.

The First World War


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Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1913-1914 years: people walking in the park in Berlin.

Statue in the middle of the flower beds.

People sit on benches, strolling.

Is a retired military man, is a woman behind him.

A man walks with children.

Children play in the fountain.

Flower Market in Paris.

Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich while walking the sailor Derevenko.

Fair in Paris, spinning carousel.

Square in Rome.

People made head mannequins. "Live" dummy.

Women wear jewelry.

Legs of models on the catwalk.

Women in bathing suits go into the water, swimming in the river.

Semi-automatic machines work.

The workers in the factory shop.

The miners working in the mine.

Blacksmith shop of the plant.

Miners roll out trucks loaded with coal.

Tools and machines on the shop floors.

Deployed turrets German warship.

Kaiser Wilhelm II during his visit to the warship.

German Navy ships in the campaign.

Coronation ceremony of King George V Emperor of India.

Indian Raja turns like and bow to the king.

English hunter kills an antelope.

Buying grain in Algeria.

The plane flies over New York.

Religious procession in a city in Russia.

People are icons and banners.

Religious procession moves along the street.

Streets filled with people.

People are icons.

Are riding officers, are people with icons.

People on the street.

The funeral of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the installation of the coffin to the hearse.

Beyond the grave are priests.

Manifestation at the Palace Square in St.


Manifestation on the streets of Moscow, the collection of tobacco for the army.

Persons participating manifestation.

Demonstration in support of Serbia.

Seeing mobilized in the Russian village.

Religious procession and prayer for victory in Ekaterinodar.

Go down the street soldiers.

There is a military band.

Passing cars with models of eagles and flags of the Russian Empire.

Production of dressing women workers of the English factory.

Women sew on the sewing machine soldier's underwear.

Packing of finished wool factory.

Loading military cars on railway platforms.

The officer monitors the loading.

Officers go in cars, people welcome them.

Cars standing along the sidewalk near them - the military.

An infantry regiment of the Russian army is on the streets of the city.

Doctors nurse make soldiers vaccinated.

Recruits undergo a medical examination.

The soldiers took turns coming to kiss his regimental banner.

Solemn service in the regiment before being sent to the front.

Soldiers of the Cross.

The regiment march past.

Troop train to be on the front.

Forest landscape.

The division of the Russian army into the woods.

Soldiers moving creek on the boards.

Infantry into position.

The officer watching with binoculars the terrain.

Russian soldiers in a trench in a fortified position the field.

Soldiers in a trench bend down to the enemy fire.

Artillerymen prepare to fire a weapon.

Russian artillery firing at the enemy.

Infantry rushes go on the attack.

Infantry overcomes the barrier.

Field gun firing.

Commander in Chief of the German Army Chief of Staff Hindenburg and Ludendorff studied the map of hostilities.

German infantry attacks.

German sappers sail from the bridge on the boat.

The explosion of the bridge with him walking on the train.

French refugees fleeing from the Germans.

On the way, goes the German division.

All should have blown up the bridge.

German soldiers escorting Russian prisoners.

Wilhelm II enters the building, accompanied by officers.

Wilhelm II talks with the generals and staff officers.

German officers and generals out of the building.

Front review in one of the Cossack regiments in winter 1914, before the formation endure regimental banner.

The soldiers approached the priest and kiss the cross.

Solemn service in an infantry regiment.

Cossacks galloping horse artillery and promoted to the position.

Russian infantry has been fighting in the winter.

Officers observed the progress of the battle through the telescope.

Telephone operators establish the connection.

Infantry firing from the trenches.

Gunners firing at the enemy.

The commander of the armored car maps route.

The crew of the armored car takes place in the military machine.

Explosions on the edge of the road.

Officer interrogates prisoners Austrians.

Austrians are prisoners under escort.

Panorama of the city.

Russian troops enter Lviv.

Cavalry passes through the area, the people in the square look at the soldiers.

Russian soldiers lights up at Austrian prisoners.

Woman pours coffee soldier.

NCO comes out of the barbershop.

Officers are resting on a park bench.

The old man praying in the street.

Charred buildings around the city.

A woman is standing against a wall damaged by shell fragments.

Russian soldiers melted field kitchens.

Soldiers receive food.

The soldiers eat from a common pot.

NCO lights a cigarette.

Military postman handing out letters to soldiers.

Veterinary assistant handles the wound on the back of a horse.

Soldiers deepen trench, ready to fight.

The officer sends signals.

Gunners take place at the guns.

Gunners roll out gun into position.

The gun fires.

Soldiers discharged shells of caissons.

Homemade gun on a rotating platform.

The gun on the platform for aerial gunnery.

Russian aircraft shot down.

Soldiers and officers stand around the stretcher on which lies the pilot.

Officers from the downed plane.

Unloading corpses from the cart.

Burial of the dead soldiers in a mass grave.

A soldier inspects damaged rifle.

Chief of the Russian army Grand Duke Nicholas during a visit to the broken defensive structures Przemysl.

Nicholas II was talking with officers during a trip to the front.

Nicholas II comes to the infirmary.

Patriotic demonstration in honor of the capture of Przemysl.

There is a military band, people carry the tricolor flag.

The burning ship.

View of the deck of a warship.

Troopers of the sailors on the deck is built.

The gunners were firing from the deck guns.

View unfolding artillery tower (above).

Shooting guns, burning ships and port facilities.

Fires Russian artillery ship.

Ship fires onboard guns.

Admiral overlooks the deck of the ship, officers, standing in line, greet him.

Loading the wounded to a hospital ship "Portugal".

Wounded coming on board the boat.

Deck gun submarine fires.

Burning away the ship.

Last minute structure on the shore.

The shelling of the lung vessels onboard guns and machine guns.

Destroyed buildings on the shore.

Marines in the boats and sailing boats to the shore.

Soldiers and officers on a boat.

Corps has been fighting on the Caucasian front.

The rise of artillery in the mountains.

Battle positions of Russian troops in the mountains, mountain landscape.

Russian troops marched during the fighting on the Caucasian front.

Panorama infantry column.

Soldiers occupy the trenches.

Infantry in the trench is preparing to open fire.

The fighting in the mountains.

Infantry attacked the mountainside.

Artillery firing at the enemy.

Officers specify an action plan on the map.

Cavalry passes through the village.

A general view of the old fortress.

General NN Yudenich with staff officers studying the operational situation.

Troops go through the village, Judenich welcomes them.

Residents of one of the Turkish villages on the street.

Gunners ready to fight coastal guns.

Preparation of Russian aircraft to fly.

The plane takes off and runs up.

View of the bay with the ships (top).

View of the village (above).

Field, which sits on the plane.

Fighting in the forest.

German soldiers are moving through a forest stream.

The soldiers move along the trench.

Fight in the woods.

German troops are fighting.

German infantry goes on the attack.

Panorama of the battlefield.

The German gunners were firing.

Soldiers throwing grenades from the trench.

German cavalry crosses the field.

Gunners set the gun at the firing position.

Gunners firing, wearing gas masks.

The explosions of shells.

German flamethrower in the trench.

Jets of flame-throwers to burn out position.

Destroyed building.

German soldiers on holiday choose from lice uniforms.

Treating patients nervous shock electricity.

Panorama of the destroyed village.

Children digging in the ruins.

People living in the basement of the destroyed houses.

Woman on the street sews on the sewing machine.

The refugees are waiting in line for food.

The refugees leave the village during the retreat of Russian troops in 1915.

Carts with refugees moving on the road.

View of the freezing of the river and the railway bridge.

Russian army convoy passes through the village.

Wounded and nurses on sanitary distribution point.

Wounded distribute the carriages.

Orderlies carry the wounded on stretchers into cars.

Monk caring for wounded soldiers in the field hospital.

Padre delivers wounded at the station horse trolley helps sanitation.

Military surgeons at work.

Sisters of Charity cared for the wounded in the hospital.

The soldiers come out of the church after the funeral service for fallen comrades, carry out the coffin, they are joined by the regimental band.

The coffins of dead Russian soldiers are entered into the gates of the cemetery.

Officers discuss the current situation.

Grand Duke Nicholas and General Alekseev at GHQ.

Grand Duke Nicholas is accompanied by officers along the train.

Allied military attaches rise in the parlor car chief.

Grand Duke Nicholas among officers Bids.

Staff officers telegraph department at work.

General Brusilov AA discussing with the staff officer of action.

Brusilov shall report the officer and getting into his car.

Acceptance of new ammunition to the frontline stock.

Front review in one part of the Russian army.

Corps promoted to military positions through the forest.

Infantry attacked through the forest during Brusilovsky breakthrough in 1916.

The officer at the observation post.

Soldiers fleeing the attack between the trees.

The explosions of shells, infantry attack rises.

The officers at the command post.

Infantry occupies abroad to attack rises, goes forward.

Fighting the Russian army in the South-Western Front.

Artillery fires.

Horse artillery moving through the village.

Russian cavalry attack.

Austrians are prisoners under escort.

Russian soldiers singing and dancing in the village street.

Soldiers have fun and dance squatting.

Awarding Russian soldier crosses of St.


The crew of the armored car "Dobrynya", awarded St.

George's crosses.

George Knight - artillery, infantry.

The soldiers at the regimental banner.

Minister of War Sukhomlinov talks with the generals.

All on duty at the courthouse.

People talk to each other.

Game footage from x / movie: hallucinations of a woman.

Newsreel 1915-1916 years: raising funds for the army at a charity evening.

People stand on a hill at the Pochayiv Lavra panorama Pochaeva.

View of the church Pochayevskaya laurels.

Nun demonstrates damaged icons.

Types ravaged Pochayevskaya laurels.

Desecrated power.

Russian soldiers walled saved power.

Disabled veterans receive a foot and hand prostheses.

War invalids plow the land.


Nicholas II - Emperor of Russia
Wilhelm II - German Emperor
George V - King of Great Britain
Paul von Hindenburg - German commander
Erich von Ludendorff - German commander
Nikolai Nikolaevich Romanov - commander
Judenich Nikolai - commander
Alexei Brusilov - commander
Mikhail Alekseev - commander
Sukhomlinov Vladimir - statesman and military leader




St. Petersburg
New York
Western Europe



The outbreak of war between Germany and Russia; Generals and war heroes; Battle of Galicia; Army; Fleet; Political figures
The First World War; History; Biography; Defense and internal security; Policy