Russian card. Film III.. (2003)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Sideljnikov I., Gurkalenko V.

Script writers: Sideljnikov I., Gurkalenko V.

Operators: Yakubovskij A.

Composers: Korolev A.

Anouncers: Burov N.


"Growth point", the example of Chukotka in detail the analysis of the real possibilities of crisis management depressive regions of the country experiencing a difficult transition from a planned-distributive economy to the market laws. The author raises serious questions and gives answers to them. What will be the Russian state? What are the boundaries, what kind of people? What ideas will form the basis of livelihood security and development of the country? Looking at a detailed map of the world and Russia's place in it, suddenly come to the conclusion that the disadvantages can turn into advantages, if Russia with its vast expanses take on the role of communication bridge between the world's "power centers". And this is not fiction, and science-based prediction, perhaps not so distant future.

Domestic policy | Geography and Nature | Economic cooperation | Industry

Policy | Sectors of the economy

Movie №1 Russian card. Film III.

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo and quote by F. Ratzel in the frame.

Northern natural scenery.

Icebreaker in the ocean.

Melting ice, the light of the sun.

Female reindeer with a calf.

Ice floes in the ocean.

Family of polar bears.

Man on the rocky shore.

Dissolve: the setting sun, the fog.

Fog over the Islands.

The house of scientists.


A middle-aged man.

Waves of the sea.

The sun in the mist.

Seagulls over the waves.

People go to sea in boats.

A herd of walrus in the water.

Whale hunting.

Children meet parents on the shore.

The boat docks.

Ashore out of the whale.

Butchering carcasses.

People eat whale blubber.


Gulls on the ice.

Seagulls on shore, the walruses in the water.

Flocks of birds in the sky, a man performs a traditional dance.

A family of herders in the herd, culling of deer.

The antlers on the graves.

The fire on the beach.

Chukchi folk game.

Computer graphics:

Article with photos on the screen.

Map Of Chukotka.

Climatic characteristics of the region.

The area of the region in comparison with European countries.

The borders of Russia and the United States.

Physical geography of Chukotka 15,000 years ago, the formation of the Bering Strait.

The borders of Russia and the United States.

Border Beringia.

Sunset over the island.

Hunters traveling by boat.

The view of the sea.

Walruses in the water.

Reindeer in the herd.

A woman with a child.

Family in the tent.

The patterns on the dice.

Near the tent drying clothes next to baby strollers.

Carver bones.

Bone figurines.

Family in the tent.

The fire is burning.

Computer graphics:

The map of Chukotka.

The routes of Russian explorers.

Chronicle 1940-ies:

The pilots at the airport.

The plane takes off.

Aircraft on the field, fighter jets flying over the airfield.

Planes over the mountains.

Soviet border posts.

Computer graphics (styling frames for news release).

Frames in the frame:

The Gulag archipelago, the Islands of Chukotka.

The fire is burning.

Marking of camps on the map.

Ruins of the barracks.

Monuments on the graves.

Traffic on the road (shot from the car).

Chronicle 1950-ies:

Rotating the shaft.

Miner in the mine.

Coal mining.

Bulldozer clears area.

A worker climbs the steel structures.

The welder works.

Welder he lights a cigarette.

The materials on the crane.

Builder gives signals.

The painter paints the window.

A wooden house.

Panorama Of Bilibino.

Bilibino NPP.

Specialists in the control room.

A man walks into the Central room and locks the door.

Hall's equipment.

Construction and mining machinery.

Work in the mine.


The train in the tunnel.

The train leaves the tunnel.

Unloading ore.

Factory construction.

Computer graphics:

The signatures of the leaders of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Within the boundaries of Eurasia, the smoke swirls, the mainland rotates.

Mosaic on the wall of the house.

House on the edge of the construction site.

An elderly man.

The plane takes off.

Monument hammer and sickle.

Pieces of concrete blocks, a monument to VI Lenin.

The alternation of the ruins of the neighborhoods, the residents of Chukotka, abandoned ships destroyed the port.

Working the boiler room.

A man carrying a bundle of firewood.

A child looks out the window.

Factory buildings, blowing snow.

On the street people, strong wind.

Participants in political meetings.

Photo collage: the image of the Moscow Kremlin, pictures of politicians and businessmen.

Stock exchange.

Private mansions.

The stock pipes.

Work on the rig.

Splash news program.

R. A. Abramovich takes the oath.


The representative of presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

Congratulations to the new Governor of Chukotka.

The flags on the roof.

The people at the entrance to the building.

R. A. Abramovich talking with people.

The Governor's team on Board.

The view from the window.

People come out of the plane.

Computer graphics (styling frames for news release).

Frames in frame: work on rigs.

Work on drilling.

Panorama of the fields.

Members of the administration.

Well, work the pumps.

Panoramas of the region.

Computer graphics: the statistics on the background of nature.

The helicopter takes off from the deck.

A ship at sea.

People at the opening of the container.


Clearing the road in the village.

A woman with a child.

People receive humanitarian assistance.

The power line, the smoke from the pipes.

Workers in the boiler room.

R. A. Abramovich visits the bakery.

The seller and the buyer at the counter.

R. A. Abramovich in the store.

Clothes on a hanger.

The alternation of people come out of the store, town street.

R. A. Abramovich reads an extract treatment hotline.

The helicopter in the air.

The alternation of representatives of the administration, the views from the Windows.

People meet the helicopter.

The alternation of the meeting of the people of Chukotka with Abramovich, R. A., work with payroll cards, a man on a dog sled.

Advertising of the resettlement program.

R. A. Abramovich with program participants.

Helicopter lands.

R. A. Abramovich and the inhabitants of Chukotka.

R. A. Abramovich reads the appeal to the people.

Computer graphics: a map of Chukotka.

Housing construction, workers on construction sites, materials and equipment.

Children on the site.

The picture on the wall.

The children get off the bus.

R. A. Abramovich.


A crowd of children.

Children relax on the beach and swimming in the sea.

R. A. Abramovich with colleagues.

Road view from the car.

Alternation: computer graphics (map-scheme of development of Chukotka), industrial objects.

The construction crews.

New homes in Anadyr.

Wild flowers on the background of the Church.

Memorial cross.

Panorama of the city.

The helicopter in the sky.

Winter panorama of Anadyr.

R. A. Abramovich arrives at the occasion.

Children at the scene.

The Governor fired a rocket.

The alternation of the presentation of creative teams, guests of the festival, folk fun and competition.

Interviews with residents.

People around the campfire on the shore.

Dawn mist.

A flock of birds on the ice.

R. A. Abramovich.

Twilight clouds over the city.

Computer graphics:

Different regions on the map of the country.

The creation of the frame of the globe and the formation of a planet in outer space.

The formation of centers of power.

Characteristics of the centers.

Russia's position in the global market.

Showing map of Russian regions.

Chukotka and Alaska.

The helicopter in the sky.

Team R. A. Abramovich in the helicopter.

The dog is barking.

The sun over the tundra, dog sleds.


The streets of Alaskan cities.

Ocean waves.

Computer graphics: planet in space photos.

The work of passport control at the airport.

The plane on the runway.

Tourist routes on the map.

The human flow.

The market trade.

Money in the counting machines.

The participants of the meeting.

Computer graphics:

Planet in space photos.

The scheme of economic integration.

The scheme of isolation of the Soviet economy.

Forecast demographic failures.

Traffic in the area of wholesale market.

The market trade.

Chinese construction workers.

The students in the classroom.

The soldiers on the run.

The influx of soldiers in the world.

Computer graphics:

The resettlement scheme of people in Russia.

Planet in space.

Russia's position in the world's centers of power.

Dissolve: card, transportation rocket by rail, rocket launch, explosion.

The image is twisted into a spiral.

The spiral unwinds.

Russia is surrounded by world powers.

Map-scheme, quote of D. I. Mendeleev.

Ocean surf.

Dolphin in the waves.

Seagull over water.


The tops of the mountains.

Jets of water.

Steller's sea eagle splashing in the water.


Bear catches fish.

Natural panoramas, fog.

Deer in the forest.

Forest river.

A tiger in the bushes.

The view from the airplane.

Gray cranes.

Panorama hills.

Camels in the steppes.


A herd of horses.

A flock of birds in the air.

Riders in the valley.

Children run through the meadow, sunlight.

Computer graphics:

Russia - the heart of the world.

Undefined position Russia on the world market.

The project "Northern bridge".

The bridge is being built.

Pictures of existing bridges over the oceans.

The project communication system (styling frames for news release).

Modeling traffic in the system.

Large Russian cities, Railways, sea ports.

The chronicle of the early XX century:


The movement of trains on the TRANS-Siberian railway.

Natural scenery (views from the train window).

Train on the railroad.

Power line.

Computer graphics: a project connecting Sakhalin island with the mainland.

Types Of Sakhalin.

Computer graphics: the tunnel project.

Abandoned construction sites.

Computer graphics (styling frames for news release).

Frames in the frame: a meeting with Japanese experts, maps and charts (spot 1994).

Laying of Railways on the map.

People on the hill.

The view from the hills.

A chain of explosions.

The construction of Amur-Yakutsk mainline railroad (ayam).

Computer graphics:

Map Of Russia.

Projects of highways.

Chronicle of the 1970-ies:

An abandoned railway building in the Norilsk area.

Broken locomotives.

Computer graphics:

The construction plan number 501/503 "Salekhard - Igarka".

Modern projects of railway lines.

The Northern sea route.

Sunset over the tundra.

Icebreaker in the sea.

The crew in the cockpit.

The dog on the deck.

View from the icebreaker.

The vehicle in the path.

Panorama of the ice field.

Computer graphics:

A single network design overland and sea routes.

The map on the background of the cosmos, marking the largest cities in the world.

Panorama of land and water.

Highways, cities, protected areas, industrial facilities.


Road view from the driver's cab.

Dissolve: the rails of a freight train.

Coal in open wagons.

Port container yard.

Loading work.

Freight train.

The view from the cab.

Computer graphics: the global transport corridors.

The view from the cockpit of the helicopter.

Computer graphics:

Planet in space, the economic map of the world.

The global transport corridors.

The globe unfolds into a map.

Transport communications of Russia with other States.

Planet in space, Russia - the heart of the world.

Showing map of Russian regions.

The connection regions between them.

The transition to Chukotka and Alaska on the map.


View of the icebreaker from the air.

The hunters of the reindeer.

Dog sledding in the tundra.

Computer graphics:

Chukotka and Alaska on the map.

Transcontinental bridge across the Bering Strait.

The project "the Transcontinental" on the map (in a stylized frame).

Panorama of the island of Ratmanov.

Helicopter over the island.

Border post.

Frontier, a soldier coming up the stairs.

A report to the commander.

Unloading the helicopter.

Soldiers down to the shore.

Waves breaking on the rocks.

The alternation of walrus rookery, the hunter.

Walruses dive into the water.

Chukchi folk game.

Natural panoramas.

Tundra flowers.

The dancing man.

A flock of birds.

Panorama of the river and the surrounding area.

Running deer.

Running bear.

Panorama of the river.

The footage for the credits:

Archaeological monument.

Animal skulls.

The rock carvings.

Chukchi folk game.

A dog sled.

Men shake hands.

Footage after the credits:

A herd of deer.

Man making fire.

People around the campfire.

Smoke veiled the sunlight.

The woman at the fire in the twilight.

The natural landscape, the bird flies to the sunset.


Computer graphics:

The web page in a stylized frame.

The transcontinental bridge.

The movement of trains.

Transport lines on the surface of the Earth.

Spark goes around the planet.

Icebreaker is an aircraft carrier in the ocean.

The man looks up.

The ship passes under the bridge.


R. A. Abramovich -- a Russian businessman and politician, Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous district, Chairman of the Duma of Chukotka.


1900e 1940s-1950s 1970s 1990e 2001


Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug