Unforgettable stories page. (1964)

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Director: Tovarnov M., Ivanov A.

Script writers: Shiller S., Tovarnov M.

Operators: Pragin L., Valov S.


The film tells about the activities of K.G.Marksa and Engels during the war and civil unrest middle of the XIX century.

History | Wars, conflicts and disasters | Educational films


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Dissolve: Europe map, date, footage of the film (riots middle of the XIX century).


Ticker: K.G.Marksa letter to Engels.

"International Workingmen's Association statute" in the hands against the background of the picture.

Dissolve: working mechanism, working in the shop.

Document pages.

Pages of newspapers.

Dissolve: footage of the film (riots) and leaflets.

Man fills the bill.

office furnishings.

Ticker: K.G.Marksa recording.

record sheets laid out on the table.

office furnishings.

View from the window.

Sailing vessels.

Houses on the quay.

Details of the office environment.

Pages of "Capital" with the author's corrections.

K.G.Marksa letter to Engels.

Cabinet K.G.Marksa.

"Capital" on the table.

Stills of the film: the printer in the print shop.

On the table falls the program of the International Alliance of Socialist Democracy M.A.Bakunina.

Pages document with revisions K.G.Marksa.

Desk K.G.Marksa.



Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Alternation: K.G.Marksa office documents and pages of newspapers, books on the table.

Dissolve: map of Europe, banners, pictures of the film (the Franco-Prussian War).



Steam locomotive on the railroad.


Meeting K.G.Marksa and Engels (portraits).

Stills of the film: the days of the Paris Commune (the first decree of the Commune, the fall of the Vendome column, the flag, the people read the decree).



Dissolve: the newspapers, the frames of the film (building barricades, fighting on the streets of Paris).


Pages of newspapers.

Alternation: torn banner, the decree on the wall.

On a brick wall reliefs show through.

Bas K.G.Marksa and Lenin.

Demonstration on Red Square in Moscow.

Policy documents the struggle for peace, democracy and socialism.

An article in the newspaper "Pravda".

Dissolve: folk rallies around the world on the map.

The proletarian slogan.