The Month of Kind Sun.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Troshkin V. P.

Script writers: Gorokhov V.

Operators: Bgancev I.

Composers: Shnaper B.


On the deer-herding collective farm on Kamchatka.

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Temporary description

The film tells the reindeer herding collective farm in Kamchatka and on the farm manager AD Davydov. Types of state farm village Sloutnogo. National holiday in the village: reindeer-sledding competitions, folk dances. Arriving in the village transport aircraft. Director farm AD Davydov with herders sitting around the campfire, drinking tea. Farm chase a herd of reindeer herders.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Snowstorm in the tundra; a man is trudging along through the snow with useless gear on a sledge.

A man is walking against the wind.

The sun is shining in the cold northern sky.

A village in the winter tundra.

A man is going along the street of the village.

Aleksander Dmitrievich Davydov, director of a deer-raising state farm, born in Volga region, thirty years of work at North Kamchatka, is standing in front of the plane delivering mail and other goods to the village.

Loading barrels on the plane.

Aleksander Dmitrievich Davydov is examining a shotgun.

A polar plane takes off from the snowy ground.

Aleksander Dmitrievich Davydov and the pilot on board.

Sloutny village in the tundra.

A herd of deer is running along the tundra.

Deer chasing each other.

Smart, well-dressed Koryak people on their sledges.

A Koryak man is playing the tambourine.

Men dressed in the national costumes are dancing surrounded by local folk.

The Koryak women are dancing.

Koryaks are laughing – men and a woman.

Reindeer-breeders competing in a national fight (the spring holiday of the reindeer-breeders).

Legs of a dancing woman in the folkloric winter shoes.

Reindeer-breeders with a herd of deer in the tundra; a plane is flying over the tundra.

The plane is landing in the tundra and unloading.

Reindeer-breeders are catching deer with nets.

In the tundra Aleksander Dmitrievich Davydov and other reindeer-breeders are building a deer yard – a corral.

A dog harness is running along the tundra.

Aleksander Dmitrievich Davydov and the reindeer-breeders are drinking tea by the fire, talking, laughing.

A projectionist with his field equipment at the reindeer-breeders’ (getting ready for the show).

A Koryak girl is reading a newspaper.

The evening tundra landscape of the first spring month.

Bush branches covered with frost.

Early morning in the tundra.

Reindeer-breeders are yarding the herd of deer to the corral.

The scared herd of deer is going around in circles in the corral.

The reindeer-breeders are catching a deer, they throw their nets over the antlers of the beast and tame it.

The reindeer-breeder named Titok is catching a deer.

The captured deer is resisting.

Aleksander Dmitrievich Davydov is handling a deer harness along the tundra, in the sunlight.