Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 520

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International competition cyclists Germany, Yugoslavia and Hungary.

Cyclists on the course.

The audience.

Presentation of honorary wreaths to the winners.


Competition canoeists.

Boats on the lake.

The audience.



The opening of the 28th East technical exhibition, which was attended by over 2,000 representatives.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Germany, Walter Funk at the opening.

Separate pavilions and exhibits.

Outdoors are a modern railway carriages, machines and mechanisms.

Pavilion of Manchukuo, the layout of the building, the Italian pavilion.

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Reel №2

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One of the chemical plant, provodami fertilizers.

Workers in the shops, machines and mechanisms.

Packaging of fertilizers in bags.

Composition with a cargo of fertilizer.


The collection of captured vehicles.

Demolition and dismantling damaged vehicles.

Workers wielded sledgehammers, cut parts of electric welding.

A pile of damaged bodies at the point of collection of the scrap tires are stored.


The workers of one of enterprises of the defense industry passed the servicemen one of the military units of the air defense of new mechanized tools.

New anti-aircraft gun, handed to the gunners.

The officer tells the worker representatives on the effects of guns.

Crew anti-aircraft guns.

Shooting heavy gun.

Occupied France.

German soldiers at rest.

They clean weapons, wash clothes, darn socks.

Anti-aircraft calculation on the Gulf coast.

Soldiers in shorts running on a sandy shore.

Exercise in the open air.

One of the soldiers shows the cascade of flip.

On the whistle the company goes in a playful March to the bathing in the sea.

The soldiers splashing in the water, rowing inflatable boats.


Field Marshal von Brauchitsch, commander of the army of the armed forces, visiting wounded in the hospital, he talks to the wounded, shaking hands with them.

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Reel №3

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Berlin. 19 July 1940 the führer at the Reich Chancellery awards the Marshall rods new marshals who have distinguished themselves in the battles in Poland, Norway, France.

The baton of Marshal Hermann Goering.

Hitler, together with Goering approaches to the ranks of generals.

The rods receive the commander of the army of the armed forces, Walther von Brauchitsch;

commander of army group "A" Gerd von Rundstedt, commander of army group B Fedor von Bock, commander of army group "C" Wilhelm von Leeb;

the chief of staff of the Supreme command of the Wehrmacht Wilhelm Keitel;

the commander of the 12th army, General William Leaf, commander of the 4th army, General Hans günther von Kluge, the commander of the 1st army, General Erwin von Witzleben and the commander of the 6th army, General Walter von Reichenau. pnrm.on the rods.

The Fuhrer gives the marshals honor and removed.


German military delegation visits engineering mechanisms and devices of the Italian army.

Demonstration of the mechanisms of devices for the guidance of crossing a small river, self-propelled devices, amphibians.


Italian submarine returns from a military campaign.

Sailors on shore, and their colleagues are welcome.

Africa, British Somalia.

Offensive of the Italian troops.

Airport, lie the shells with inscriptions.

Italian pilots sent to the machines.

Planes fly in the air.

Fragments of air combat.

Italian seaplanes on the water and in the air.

Italian planes bombed the court and the position of the enemy.


The transition of the German artillery units to new positions.

Heavy guns being taken on the platforms.

Soldiers build fortifications.

Mounting heavy long-range guns.

It shoots.

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Reel №4

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The supply of shells.

Aiming the gun, it shoots.

Heavy gun on a railway platform travels on rails.

Charging the gun, aiming, shooting.

Occupied France.

German pilots preparing for the "flight of vengeance" against England.

Planes take off into the air, they are in flight.

The pilots in the cockpit.

English shore.

Vessels at sea.

Burnt oil tank.

The appearance of objects from the plane.

The purpose of the bombing are the town of Southampton and Newcastle.

Dropping bombs that fly at the target, explosions.

The aircraft in flight.

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