Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 532

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Opening of the exhibition "New German architecture".

To the exhibition building, a car pulls up, out the Prince Regent Paul and Princess Olga, they examine models of various architectural structures of the new Germany.

Albania an Italian protectorate.

After the outbreak of the Italo-Greek war, particularly important was the construction of modern roads and bridges that were used for strategic purposes.


Duce in the location of the Italian 8th army.

Mussolini speaks to the soldiers.

The soldiers greet him.

Duce bypasses the formation of soldiers.



November 9 - day of memory of the fallen fighters for the cause of Nazism.

Procession of veterans of the movement.

The representative of the führer Rudolf Hess bypasses the ranks of the widows and relatives of the fallen Nazis.

Eternal flame.

Ceremony of giving honors to the fallen.

The laying of wreaths on the graves.



The reyhsprotektorata.

The parade of local groups of the fascist youth.

The head of the German youth Arthur Axman in Prague, he takes hits, bypasses youth.



The visit of Goebbels to Prague.

He is greeted by the reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia Konstantin von Neurath and the state Secretary of the protectorate, Karl Hermann Frank.

Machine of Goebbels goes across the Charles bridge to the Prague castle.

The Palace on the wide steps and played by young drummers and buglers.

Little girl presents flowers to Goebbels.

Goebbels, speaking before leaders of German culture in the protectorate.

Goebbels, speaking before representatives of the public.

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Reel №2

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Preparing new ground for the maneuvers of the Wehrmacht.

Uprooting of trees with a tractor.

The construction of houses for the peasants, evicted from the territory of the future landfill.

Go carts with the peasant belongings.

Farmers move into new houses in the EMS.

Children play around them.


In one of the kindergartens.

Children and teacher in nature.

The kids in the locker room at the gym.

Sports exercises, games.


The maneuvers of the Wehrmacht.

The engineers cross the river under fire of the enemy.

Soldiers freed the boat from masking, head to the bunker on the shore, storming it.

The engineers landed on the opposite Bank, and constructing the crossing.

It is followed by artillery and equipment.


The arrival of Italian pilots.

Unloading equipment, fuel.

Working field kitchen, Italian pilots drinking coffee.

They with German colleagues.

The representative of the Luftwaffe inspects the arriving in Germany on the connection.

The rise of the Italian flag.

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Reel №3

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The Atlantic coast.

Part of the Luftwaffe.

A pointer to the squadron headquarters.

Preparations for the RAID against England.

To the aircraft carry ammunition, gun belts, pour fuel, mechanics check the car.

The commander of the 51st fighter squadron, holder of the knights cross with Oak Leaves, Colonel Werner Mölders ready to fly, mechanics are helping him fasten the straps, he sits in the cockpit.

Planes in the air over the English channel.

The sea is visible from the ship.

A fragment of air fight.

German submarine on the surface.

The speaker spoke about the achievements of the Navy and air force in military operations against the British fleet.

The operation to capture the British ship by a German warship.

Examination of the cargo.

The landing team.

The destruction of the ship, he goes under the water.

Team sunken ship on the German ship.

The destruction of one ship after taking on Board the team.

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