Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 538

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Producer UFA

Operators: Valjter Hege, Fric Iffland, Gans Noak, Gans Rajtelj, Karl Selbah

Reel №1

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China, Sino-Japanese war.

Japanese bombers fly over China, is the strategic bombing of roads and bridges.


Orphans, victims of the civil war, being transported from Madrid to boarding school in the province.

Nurses put children on the bus, they arrive at the place.

Children wash, wear, cut, provide them with medical care.

The children have lunch at the tables.


Destroyed Warsaw, overlooking the city in the smoke of fires.

Trucks with German salatami enter the city, go past the barricades of trams.

Residents on the street.

Soldiers dismantled the barricades.

View of the tram depot.

The restored railway the poles.

The streets of Warsaw, ride the trams.

Standing at the bus stop people.

The inscription on the wagon of the tram in German and in Polish: "Only for Jews".

The Slovak border in the Tatra mountains.

Passes a German patrol.

Views of snow-capped mountains.

German soldiers are engaged in mountaineering.

The view of the city from the valley.

Downhill skiers.


The construction of the airfield for the Luftwaffe.

Are earthworks, the paving, the pouring of cement.

The airport building in the woods.

With the new airport take off the German planes flying over the sea.


Berlin, Hitler receives in the Chancellery officers of the Wehrmacht, deyatelei military industry, machinery, chemistry and other industries.

He talks to them, shakes hands.


Working military factory, the production processes for the manufacture of rifles.

Treatment of wooden butts on the machines.

Working for the machines in the shop.

Inspection of rifles, transportation.

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Reel №2

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German warships in Sonia Fjord.

Look at the depot, it is guarded by German machine-gun posts.

Soldiers go ashore in the village.

Local young man gives to a German soldier to light a cigarette.

The landing of parts of the mountain infantry and ammunition.

German troops sent into the country, they ride on a truck on a mountain road.

On the road is a broken bus, which was attacked the Norwegian soldiers at the Germans.

The Norwegians surrender, disarm them.

Transportation of prisoners on trucks.

German tanks on the streets.

North sea, German warships in the campaign.

On the deck of the cruiser sailors and soldiers.

There is a RAID in a stormy sea.


In Copenhagen takes place the parade of troops of the Wehrmacht on the occasion of the 51st anniversary of Hitler's birthday.

Ahead of a military band is marching.

Residents watch the parade.

Troops are at the gates of the citadel, lining up in the square.

The commander of the German troops in Denmark, General aviation Leonhard Coupes and General Reppy bypass operation.

Reppy, speaks to soldiers with it.


The festivities on the occasion of the birthday of the Fuhrer.

Cheering crowd in front of the Reich Chancellery.

On Balcone Hitler, who welcomes people.

Key words

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Reel №3

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The sculptor Professor thorak working in his Studio on a model of the monument to Nuremberg.

The individual figures of the monument.

Processing of marble in the Studio of the monumental parts of the memorial: horses, male and female torsos.


Warthegau. /Polish territory annexed in 1939 to Germany/.

The Celebration Of Christmas.

Santa Claus with a bag, handing out gifts to children.

German soldiers cut down the tree in the forest, taking her on sleigh rides.

Soldiers decorate the Christmas tree in the house, gifts for soldiers holiday table.


The Celebration Of Christmas.

Gift delivery to troops in the far North.

The ships in the Harbor.

German ship arrives in the harbour of Oslo.

Sailors with a Christmas tree.

Christmas in the German sanitary ship in Norway.

Nurses decorate the Christmas tree.

Wounded celebrate Christmas.

Sisters hand out the gifts.

The soldier sniffs the sausage.

Northern France.

The Celebration Of Christmas.

Soldiers are pulling a tree on a motorcycle.

The soldiers are under the mouse geese bowlers.

The celebration at the table.

Santa Claus distributes gifts to the soldiers.


The pilots celebrate Christmas.

The arrival of Santa Claus on the plane.

The distribution of gifts.

The pilot is flying, in the cockpit put a small Christmas tree.

Pilot with a Christmas tree.

The distribution of gifts.

The soldiers at the Christmas tree.

A gala dinner.

Singing Christmas songs.

Patrols on duty.

Sentries on duty.

Soldiers on the background of the guns.

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Reel №4


The presentation of the non-commissioned officer in Modera, distinguished themselves in combat against enemy tanks, the third of the Iron cross.


German stud farm, horses.

German cavalry on maneuvers.

Fragments of the teachings.

Overcoming various obstacles, the pursuit of the imaginary enemy on horseback.


English submarine, captured by German troops in one of the German ports.

A former British boat after the repair goes to sea under the German flag.


The Atlantic coast.

Stormy sea, the waves lapping on the shore.

The German soldiers were loaded onto the ship, down the chute, for the soldier slips the dog.

The soldiers on the deck.

The ship approaches the shore of the island, there is a change of garrison.

Sentries on duty.

Unloading food, searchlight and anti-aircraft guns on arrival of the boat.


Fired anti-aircraft guns.

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