Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 561

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Producer UFA

Operators: Bajer, Benish, Bryuhman, Kandeler, Kester, Lipp, Mala, Cajtlinger

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Celebrated its 60th anniversary this year, the commander of the 18th army of army group B, Colonel General Georg von Küchler, whose troops were the first in Paris a year ago, inspects troops of propaganda in Paris.

It bypasses the formation of soldiers of the Wehrmacht propaganda company, gets in the car mobile radio, examining a portable camera.

Key words

France, personalities, military leaders, radio, 1941, propaganda

Reel №2

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The German warships.

Meeting with the Norwegian armed vessel with an English crew.

The reception team on the German vessel.

The English flag lowering.

The ship as a trophy taken in tow.

Aboard the German ship flies a seaplane.

The ship should be in Germany.

The field of view appears of a convoy.

The Germans shelled the British.

English ships going to the bottom.

German ship takes on Board the crews of sunken ships.

The ship continues its way to Germany.

The Nazi flag over the stern.


Crete is one of the Mediterranean Islands, a strategically important port in 100 km from Peloponnese and 300 km from Athens.

Speaker of the geopolitical importance of the island.

The German air force preparing to RAID Crete.

Loading bombs.

Pilots receive instructions from the commander, wearing overalls.

Weapons are Packed in a special container.

The paratroopers are preparing for landing.

Planes take off, fly over the Aegean sea.

Paratroopers in the plane.

The pilot keeps his hand on the steering wheel.

Landing, paratroopers jump with parachutes.

Parachutes on the background of flying planes.

Key words

Atlantic, Navy, air force, world war 2 Greece, Crete, air force, Marines

Reel №3

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Kind of Piraeus, the largest seaport of Athens.

The German squadron returned to base.

English fighter thrown into the attack, and shot down.

Again at the bottom of Patras and Athens, the Acropolis.

Damaged by a German aircraft landing on a single chassis.

Pilot comrades welcome, he says.

Training pilots for the next flight.

On the glass of the cockpit hanging Teddy bear.

Landing Fusiliers in the plane, they will land on plots already occupied by Marines.

The plane in enemy territory - on the island of Crete.

Fighter rushes to pockets of resistance.

Enemy planes destroyed on the ground.

Occupied positions immediately used as directed.

English Marines capture the airfield.

The English artillery opened fire at a busy airport, but she doesn't have the power to change the plan to land on Crete.

The arrow mountain camping.

The first English prisoners from Crete.

German General of aviation, commander of the 11th airborne corps Kurt student congratulates the brave paratroopers with the victory.

The Germans continue offensive operations.

A paratrooper on a horse.

The announcer of the loss by England of Crete, she lost the key to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Key words

Greece, war world 2, air force, Marines, prisoners of war