Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1936 № 4

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The funeral of King George V. chronicles 25 years ago: the ceremony of the coronation of the king. 1913: George V in Berlin visiting cousin Wilhelm II. Spring 1917 Western Front, George V talks with his army officers.

On the day of his birth the king takes the parade in front of Buckingham Palace.

Royal Lodge.

King on the yacht "Britannia" is involved in the regatta.

King aboard the aircraft carrier.

The king and his wife.

King of the floor on the occasion of the Navy of the holiday.

The festivities in London on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the reign of George V. The royal couple in an open carriage in the center of the procession, on the balcony of the palace.

The area filled with people.

On the balcony of the king and his sons and grandchildren.

British King Edward VIII. Before Buckingham Palace beat the gun, the guard of honor.

On the streets of London in a carriage procession passes.

Edward VIII. One of the squares read out the decree of erection on the throne of Edward VIII. Transportation of the body of the late King George V. Accompanied by Edward VIII and the whole royal family, the coffin is transported from George V Sendrigem castle in Westminster Hall in London.

The funeral procession.

Behind the coffin go Edward VIII and his brother Georg.

Lead white horse King.

Procession polkidaet castle grounds.

Station in London.

From the train take out the coffin with the body of the king.

On foggy streets of London carrying a coffin, burning lights.

The coffin on a gun carriage.

The sons of the king and high-ranking officials of the state.

The women of the royal family in mourning clothes

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England Monarchs, funeral, celebrations, World War 1, the Navy, Army, Sailboats

Reel №2

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Week National Socialist press.

The printing works printing machine.

Close-up of a newspaper headline "Towards the Party Congress 1923".

Personnel chronicle of the time: marching are CA units.

Hitler mufti greets them from the machine.

Newspaper "Folkisher Beobachter" with the message on the Prohibition of the newspaper. 1927 are CA units.

Newspaper "Angriff".

Goebbels speaks about propaganda in the German state.

Various German newspapers.

Working presses.

Chronicle of 1933 hits with the standard of SA troops.

Chronicle of 1936: distribution of newspapers during the National Socialist press

Rescue Expedition.

Start seaplane on board is a rescue expedition to the South Pole is sent to look for US scientists and Elsverdo Keniena.

The British ship "Discovery", granted by the British government at the disposal of the rescue expedition.

Australia Port Williams Town, the plane lifted by a crane onto the deck "Discovery"

The longest aqueduct USA. California.

View of the tunnel, where workers install a mechanism to ground otvalke.

The last wall of a tunnel dug, the workers greet each other


Northern Front.

Italian troops celebrating Christmas.

Giant cactus decorated like Christmas trees

The maneuvers of the French fleet.

The squadron, who left the port of Brest.

Warships in the Mediterranean Sea

Dress rehearsal of the Olympic Games.


Springboard Schattenberg.

National championship in skiing, the winner Willy Bogner.

Winner's reward ceremony

Key words

Germany, SA, Nazis, Printing, Press, Hitler, Goebbels, Chronicle Australia, Rescue, Aviation US Construction Abyssinia, troops, Festivities Mediterranean, Navy Maneuvers Germany, Sports