Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1937 № 4

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German Police Day.


Goering bypasses built by the troops.


Laying wreaths at the monument to the dead policeman.

Guard of honor.

On Unter den Linden hits police units: the GGSN, technical assistance service, fire.

Police on horseback with piggy bank collecting money in the "winter assistance" fund.

The traffic controller at an intersection.

In the area of ​​technology demonstration Lustgarten in the service of the police.

Firefighters demonstrate their skills.

Children throw money into a piggy bank

It reichsjugendführer Baldur von Schirach.

Von Schirach on the podium, his speech was accompanied by a demonstration of the chronicle.

Villas transmitted Hitler Youth organizations.

Division Hitler Youth at the stadium.

Boys, girls.

Building under construction for the Hitler Youth.

Mountain landscape.

Opening boarding Hitler.

Boys sing at sporting events.

Raising the flag.



The poster promotes the construction of boarding Hitler


Hjalmar Schacht - Minister of Economy, his 60 years, delivers a speech in front of camera

Goering's visit to Italy.


At the station, Goering and his wife bypass a guard of honor.

They Mussolini.


Laying wreaths at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Stadium, the rally of young fascists.

Goering and Mussolini on the podium.

The parade of young men and boys in the fascist form

Earthquake in San Salvador.

Destroyed street.

Work on the salvation of men.

Analysis of the debris.

Residents with outdoor things.

Streets of San Vicente.


Residents on the streets.

distribution of food

Germany at the upcoming World's Fair in 1937.


Germany Construction of the pavilion.

Steel structures.

Construction site with a height of the Eiffel Tower.

The solemn laying of the first stone.

sketch of the pavilion

My favorite sport Shirley Temple.

The girl manages horses harnessed to a cart.

Girl with horses and puppy

Winter in Berlin.

The streets, the embankments, the area in the snow.

Janitors clean the snow.

Cars under the snow.

Street florist.

Berliners are waiting for the tram at the stop.

The guard shakes off the snow.

Children are sledding

Meeting hockey teams of Canada and Germany at the Olympic Stadium in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Mountain artillery during exercises.

Mountains covered with snow.

On the path moving artillery, are part of the tools, equipment.

Pulls collected guns into position.

lead fire

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