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The airship "Graf Zeppelin", which the Americans called the volatile messenger Germany, en route to Chicago for the World's Fair in 1933 made a stopover in Miami, Florida.

Airship on the field, look out the team members and the passengers in the windows.

The airship rises, view it on the ground.

The six-day motorcycle race the German team won, beating participants in 8 different countries, including the winners of Henne, Stelzer, Mauermayer.

Germany won 6 gold medals.

Motorcycles with sidecars and single race on the terrain, finish.

Interview with the winner.

In Germany, the law came into force on the prevention of the appearance of the patient's offspring.


Walter Gross, the head of the People's Office of Education policy and racial purity gives an interview in his office about the law.

These pictures illustrate: a home for children with inherited genetic diseases, watching the children, idiots.

In opposition to them are pictures of young people of Aryan purity - it's athletes, young people marching on the road with the song.

By agreement with the Allied forces in Austria Dollfuss took mobilize 8,000 people to defend the country.

After six months of training, they will be full-fledged soldiers.

The Minister of War examines Vaugon recruits.

Issuing them weapons and uniforms.

General bypass operation.

Drill recruits, they charge rifles marching.

General takes hits.

German Economy Minister agreed.

Minister of Power and the Minister Darre Schmitt economy talking to each other in front of the camera, they speak of a strong peasantry and the new economy.

The German people closes after Hitler.

Election of November 12, 1933 - an occasion for reflection.

Propaganda slogans, banners, banners in Berlin.

President Hindenburg - one of the first in the elections, he lowers newsletter.

From the windows of the houses hung with swastika flags.

People in line at the polling station.

At the hospital, patients vote.

Propaganda steamer "In the Service of East Prussia," is coming to the port of Danzig, the people-the Germans climb aboard vote.

The ships are in all ports where the Germans live so that they can cast their vote for their MPs.

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