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A quote from the "Brown Book".

Work Carl Venser from Glienicke disproves the lie of the "Brown Book" on the burning of the Reichstag and Hitler's terror and that he was shot while trying to escape from a concentration camp in Oranienburg.

Carl at the exit from the camp with a suitcase in his hand, his being taken away by soldiers.

Karl reveals "brown book" with his photograph.

The Law on the Protection of the national work.

Goebbels' speech in Berlin park Lyustgartene front of a huge crowd of people.

The main thesis: "We came to restore the honor of their work and bread.

This law is addressed not only to the National Socialists, but to all the workers. "

The new bridge over the Rhine.

The ceremonial start of construction of the bridge in Duisburg. 4,000 workers will receive salaries for months and bread.

Marching workers with shovels in their hands, singing.

The meeting, he spoke.

A banner on a building site: "The bridge named Admiral Graf Spee".

The construction, earthworks go.

The National Socialist state demands: "Healthy apartment for healthy offspring."

Footage of poverty in Brandenburg.

Beggarly dugout workers.

Boy near the cages with rabbits, male feeds the animals.

Women cook around the campfire.

Women walk past houses where a rich woman lived.

Construction of new houses for the workers.

The poor house on the outskirts of the dugout beside them are children, around the bleak terrain.

January 30, 1934.

The Fuhrer speaking at the ceremonial meeting of the Reichstag with the government's announcement of exceptional importance.

The meeting was called Goering.

He says that "January 30, 1933 was a turning point in the history of the new state, today people celebrate this day."

The presidium sitting Hitler, Dr.

Ley and others.

Hitler spoke about the achievements of the year and new challenges.

Major Hess plans Goebbels.

airplanes Competition in Paris.

German Gerhard Fieseler competing with Frenchman Michel Detroit, draw.

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Reel №2

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Pilot in front of the camera.

Airplane performing aerobatics.

16,000 students are returning to work.

The supervisor, the Secretary of State Girlie stands in Berlin's University with a speech about the importance of community service.

Detachments "Hitler Youth" in Frankfurt am Main collected 70,000 loaves of bread under the "Winter Relief" campaign.

Transfer bread Mayor Dr.

Krebs in Römerberg.

Playing drummer.

Guys with a piggy bank in his hands go home, gather the bread in the basket.

Play buglers and drummers.

The street ride trucks with bread.

Lottery "Winter aid" will help reduce the need for many people.

In Berlin, it passes a large advertising company with the sale of lottery tickets.

The street is moving squad with drawers in the hands, they are lottery tickets.

Near the Arc de Triomphe, a military band played.

Sale of lottery tickets in the street, the people taking tickets.

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