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Speech Folk Choir railroad near the monument.

The arrival of the ship at the dock, carrying the name of the "Bremen".

Around sailing sailboats stand trial.

The grand rally 100,000 boys and girls in the park Lustgarten in Berlin.

Hanging a huge banner with the slogan "Youth workers and welcomed the Fuhrer."

Young people in the square, they scream, pull your hands.

Speech by Goebbels, he welcomed the Fuehrer and Field Marshal Hindenburg.

All shout "Sieg Heil!".

motorcade travels along the path between the crowds of young people, Hitler standing in front of the car.

Hitler at the microphone, he appeals to young people to continue with an appeal to the common cause.

Reich Minister Goebbels to the awarding of prizes in literature and movies for 1933 in the National Opera.

Goebbels on stage in front of a symphony orchestra.

The hall filled with civilian and military audiences.

In the front row sat Hitler, Goering, Hess.

Goebbels speaks about German culture, announces the winner of the Prize for Literature - Richard Oylingena at cinema - Gustav Utsitskogo for the film "Refugees".

Workers Berlin gather at the grand rally in Tempelhof.

From the Brandenburg Gate are columns of workers, peasants, go carts decorated.

Hover fascist banners.

In the area of ​​a huge crowd.

In the sky flying aircraft.

Past the bleachers with the standard-bearers are Hitler, Goebbels, and captains.

Hitler made a speech addressed to the German people: "Since last year, our National Socialist movement was the last movement of the entire people.

For the first time we celebrate Labor Day the nation.

Thus, we say that is over time the needs of the German people.

Everyone - from the Reich President to an ordinary worker or peasant - must work for the good of the motherland.

We declare to the world that we are strong for the German nation in a strong German state. "

Close-ups of people in the crowd, the guys from the "Hitler Youth" face Hess, Goebbels.

At the end of the speech sounds fascist anthem.

Flying airplanes.

Evening meeting in Lyustgartene.

Evening meeting in Lyustgartene.

The end of the holiday was marked by a grand evening rally Reichswehr, the police and the workers' unions in Lyustgartene.

The rally made Reich Minister Goring, who assured that the Fuhrer with all my heart experienced needs and concerns of the people and that this day should be the awareness of their place in the state.

It sounds toast in honor of the Fuhrer.

Are the ranks of soldiers, police.

At the end of the speech sounds anthem.

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