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Nazi putsch in Vienna.

As a result of the riots completely destroyed a radio "Ravag" in Vienna.

radio studio on the building type, broken windows, doors, studio equipment.

Solemn funeral of assassinated bundeskantslera Dollfuss Austria.

In the cathedral there are soldiers, honor guard at the tomb.

A memorial service, standing state. figures.

The funeral procession moves through the streets of Vienna, in front of the rider with the flag in his hands.

In England as a result of many days of drought there was a forest fire, the view from the plane on the burning forests. 500 soldiers fighting the fire in Surrey in southern England.

Study air raid in London.

On the field, take off the aircraft.

Anti-aircraft gunners preparing a gun.

An observer with binoculars.

Bird paradise on the coast of Wales.

Bulgarian King Ferdinand visited the English island in the North Sea.

Cruiser is coming to the island, the king crossed over to the shore in a boat.

Bird colony on the island.

Drainage of wetlands in northern Germany.

At work on the drainage of wetlands to create new arable land occupied by soldiers RAD. Soldiers with shovels march from the camp to the construction site.

Earthwork, earth in trolleys.

Unusual natural phenomenon in California.

Oil rig from which beats a jet of oil and gas to 80 meters high.

The spilled oil flooded trees.

The workers are on the surface of the hardened oil.

In anticipation of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin in Nuremberg are IV-th military-sports games, in which 8000 participants are busy.

At the stadium filled with 70,000 spectators, begins the parade participants.

In the stands, a lot of soldiers.

Go sports diving, in height and length, pole vaulting, running, javelin throw and the nucleus.

Teachings of the police in the United States.

The special police training for the suppression of strikes and demonstrations in New York City.

Go "strikers", the police disperses them, shoots blanks.

The use of gas, the police in gas masks thronging strikers.

For scientists to observe the audience.

Sea Holidays.

Summer camp for the Hitler Youth in Kёslina on the Baltic coast.

The children ran out of the tent on the line, lift the flag on the mast.

Play drummers and buglers.

The children distribute dry rations, they prepared sandwiches.

Charging on the beach, swimming.

Choral singing under the accordion friend.

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