Tonwoche 1940 № 230

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

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Beach on the beach, resting in the lounge chairs, booths.

A young man jumps from a platform in the water.

Young people run into the water, splashing.


Setting and checking the cable car in the mountains.

Booth moves up.

Workers install Wheels, pour oil.

Booth raised by cable car.


The peasant in national clothes shepherds a flock of sheep.

On the mountain meadows mowing begins.

Girls gather hay rake, they are helping teens.

The farmer carries on his back a huge bale of hay to the house.

Men collect Stozhok and run down with him down the mountain.

Harvest Festival in Spain.

The people in the stadium, in front of the podium with officials are peasants, transfer sheaves of wheat, jugs of wine and other agricultural products.

Athletic festival at the stadium men perform mass gymnastic exercises are arranged in the form of figures.

Along the path passes general and officials, athletes run up to them, welcome.

Pre-election rallies in the United States.

Representatives from different states to campaign posters in their hands to vote for their candidates.

Submission of election participants.

On the podium candidate Taft.

In the crowd are carrying placards with the names of Thomas Deueya, Wilkie.

Candidates posing reporters.

Ciano's visit to Berlin.

The train arrives at the station.

From the car out Italian Foreign Minister Ciano and Ribbentrop, are suitable for military, greeting.

Travel around the city, residents welcomed the guests.

The car drove up to the building of the Reich Chancellery, Ciano meet generals.


Meeting of the Conference of French and German diplomats dedicated to the agreement on mutual non-aggression.

The car drove up to the building, beyond the French general.

The meeting room of the conference, at a long table sit diplomats.

There have speech in French and German.

The building waiting for people.

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Reel №2

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Diplomats out after the meeting, sit in the car.

The French city of Andey.

On a pole flying the Nazi flag.

The bridge marching German soldiers held a meeting with representatives of the French officers shake hands.

Joint bypassing troops.

On the streets of jubilant residents, waving a flag with a swastika, dancing.


Military Aviation Plant does not work in the shop are not assembled aircraft.

Warehouses artillery.

Soldier demonstrates the instrument opens the shutter, the muzzle of the gun.

Warehouses outdoors shells.

Fire at storage facility.

Clubs of smoke in the air, flames.

Oil burns on the water.

Kind of a fire due to "Sarah" vessel.

Hitler in the Saar region.

The plane flies over Hitler French fortifications - "Maginot Line" under the wing of the earth in the funnels.

Hitler with his generals on the former battlefield.

Bunkers in the mountains, on the walls traces of shells.

Monument Andre Maginot, the date of 1877 - 1932. The cortege of cars traveling on the road, the soldiers greeted the Führer, travel around the city.

View of the Cathedral from outside and inside.

Hitler and Himmler and his entourage visiting the cathedral, go out and greet the audience residents.

Hitler, on the train, the girl passes the basket carriage with berries.

Hitler looking out the window.

A boy from the fascist organization climbs into the car, talking to Hitler.

The Führer gives autographs.

The train hit the road.

Passing composition welcome peasants in the fields, the people at the stations, the passengers of other trains.

Berlin, flags with swastikas on the streets.

Ran excited the people, the cordon of soldiers barely holding back the pressure of the crowd.

Hitler rides in the car on the streets.

People shouting, waving flags.

The boy from the "Hitler Youth" climbed to the lantern.

Hitler and Goering on the balcony of the Chancellery, a large crowd welcomed them.

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