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State funeral in Raynsdorfe.

The German nation mourns 60 dead workers.

Soldiers carry the wreaths.

Ringing bells, flags at half-mast on the buildings.

On the street there is a process.

In the city, Hitler comes to honor the memory of the dead, he lays a wreath at the tomb.

A view of coffins, covered with Nazi flags.

Memorial service opens Goering.

He expressed condolences on behalf of the Führer, he says that all shocked by the scale of the disaster, but it does not break, people died for a new Reich, for the new state.

In the front row sat Hitler, Goebbels and the generals.

A crowd of people watching the ceremony.

PNRM. on coffins.

Hitler bypasses the relatives of the victims of the workers, expressed their condolences.

Religious ceremony Copts (Christians) in Addis Ababa.

The crowd at the church, believers bow.

Emperor Haile Selassie is sitting on a throne, surrounded by the suite and watch the ceremony.

Imperial Guards with rifles in their hands.

The ritual dance performed by priests.

The line of monks in long white robes with shafts in the hands placed on the ground, bowing.

The procession moved down the street, go to the women in smart clothes under the veil, a man with a pipe in his hand.

Haile Selassie is also moving in procession, carrying a rifle on his shoulder.

All sent to the church that bears a strange name - the Church of the Holy Medicine.

Hamburg concert hall.

On the occasion of the 2nd Week of Theatre Arts Reichsminister Goebbels speaks about the place of art in the promotion of the state. "Art helps people in hard times, and in the hall artists have gathered here to establish a framework for creative development. "

View of the hall with the audience, a symphony orchestra playing on stage.

In the first row, Goebbels and other dignitaries.

Conductor of the orchestra closeup.

Speech by Goebbels on the podium.

Day of German craftsmen in Frankfurt am Main.

The city is decorated with Nazi symbols.

Artisans in their professional attire on the streets.

Close-up of the festival emblem: a large hammer in a circle and oak leaves.

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Reel №2

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The crowd at the stadium, in front of her a formation of soldiers.

On the makeshift stage performing artists.

Folk dance, which is performed by men.

In the area of ​​dancing girls in national costumes.

People around the slams, with balconies looking residents.

On the Square is a demonstration performance coopers, they knock together a huge barrel rims.

Festive demonstration on the streets, moving carts with models and humans.

Go young people with Nazi flags, the so-called "travelers" - the guys with backpacks behind.

A man rides a vintage car.

Moving carriage with the layout of the peasant house, with cobblers, sitting in the huge boots, are chimney sweeps.


The use of wood gas, liquid gas, a volatile gas and electricity instead of gasoline as fuel for cars - anything that Germany could produce itself.

Lord Mayor and the city president of Berlin Lippert is present at a demonstration of passenger and freight vehicles that passed on this type of fuel.

Residents watch the motorcade.

Rides the bus with passengers, cargo platform.

On the road, the car stopped, the driver open the tank and goes to sleep in his wooden churochki.

The lake near Berlin Grünau are competition prize for the Fuhrer.

Fans watch as the rowers to take out kayaks hands, put them in the water.

Rowing Four, winning rowers Berlin.

Close-up of a prize: a silver dish from the Führer.

The judge makes the go-ahead flag, start the Group of Eight.

Sea Folk Week in Kiel.

Warships in Kiel.

Residents on the shore watching the ship traffic.

The sailors climb on the yards.

On the pier is commissioned sailors, sails past the naval ship "Karlsruhe", which returns to home port after a year's voyage, on the deck alongside the men in the white dress uniform.

Sailors hold competitions in rowing boats.

Sailors from the ship choir chanting account under which their comrades in the rowing boats.

Great racing in the Indianapolis 800 km.

Cars race on the terrain.

Accidents on the road.

Car broken down on the ledge, flies through it.

Cars rush under the bridge, the view of the car.


The fastest was Kelly Batel, has a top speed of 170 km / h.

International race in Nurburgring.

Start kart.

Type in the spectator stands.

Moments races.

Stopping the machine at the elimination of emergency situations.

Racing wins Caracciola.

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