Hike to the east. (1942)

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World War II


Reel №1

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Hitler was on the plane on the way to the Eastern front.

The plane landed at the airport one of the units.

The soldiers ran to the plane.

The General welcomed Hitler, they ride in the car, on the way the soldiers enthusiastically welcomed the Fuhrer.

At the headquarters of field Marshal Leeb, the meeting with the card.

Map of Europe with the borders of Germany and the USSR. View of the Moscow new buildings in the foreground wooden houses, rickety fences.

Russian village.

From the hootch beyond the old, dirty street, poor home environment, the family sits at the table.

Provincial town, the house which because of decay back posts.

Dirty, peeling walls, the residents at the homes.

Soviet posters, which depicted happy Soviet childhood children.

Children's hospital, rickety, dirty children on beds, the body was crawling with flies.

Naked baby lying on straw on the rocks.

In the beautiful administrative buildings of the miserable slums of the workers, the prison


Map of Europe, the border of the USSR. The parades of troops of Germany's allies, embarked on the struggle against Bolshevism.

Marching teams of volunteers from Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries.

The soldiers fled the parade.

Soldiers swear at the flag of Denmark.

Croatia: volunteer soldiers went to the war, the residents accompany them.

Military train with the inscription: "Flanders", in wagons, soldiers, the trains with weapons.

The map shows the concentration of troops of field Marshal Leeb on the border with the Soviet Union.

German troops crossed the border, the soldiers knocked a high fence, posts, gate, off the edge pointers.

German troops near Kaunas, the soldiers at the edge of the pointer of Lithuania, the fighting on the outskirts of the city.

Medics carry wounded on stretchers, dragged the ammunition.

The first captured soldiers of the red Army, out of the building for the soldiers, raising his hands.

German artillery fire on the bridge fleeing German soldiers.

Prisoners of war close-up, the captured commander.

Troops going to the city of Kovno, the Lithuanian population welcomed the Germans.

Crossing the river by ferry.

View of the city, the Church.

Soldiers greeted with flowers.

Map of Baltic cities of Kaunas, Kalvarija, Vilnius

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Reel №2

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On the map the arrows indicate the direction of the blow of the German troops in Hungary.

Riding motorcycles, artillery, tanks.

The population greets the Germans with flowers.

Highway to Unavu.

The soldiers took up defensive positions on the roadside, they are in anticipation of attack.

German soldiers close up.

Burning Soviet tanks.

The surviving synagogue in the city, interior view.

Tortured and killed by the workers of GPU Lithuanian civilians on the ground, crying women, conduct the funeral of the victims.

Fighting in Saulene /Siauliai/.

German cameraman shoots the street fighting.

German soldiers marching in the March, the cavalry is coming.

Artillery hit the city.

Via the installed loudspeakers, the Germans in Russian offer the soldiers of the red Army to surrender.

In Libau there are fights.

The Germans with the flamethrowers.

The cavalry comes to town.

The girls greeted the soldiers with flowers.

Soviet prisoners of war, among them woman, Asian face

The road to Dunaburg and Riga.

Divisions of German troops are on the road, armored units, infantry.

With the edge of the forest the Germans are looking to the farm, which is defended by Soviet soldiers, the firing of the hamlets of guns.

Prisoners go on the road with his hands up.

Prisoners of various nationalities closeup.

German troops at a distance of 10 kilometers from Riga.

Crossing the river on boats and rafts.

The accumulation of German engineering on the river.

German troops entered Riga, the population welcomed them, are women in traditional costumes, is a group of nationalists with the national flag.

Map of the Baltic States, arrows indicate the direction of further advance of German troops in Estonia.

Balloon in the air, flying German aircraft.

German artillery fires.

Tank units lead the battle.

German infantry uses flamethrowers on the bins so-called Stalin line of defense.

The Germans fired from mortars, machine guns.

Crossing the lake by motor boats.

Antiaircraft guns fired at the planes.

The downed plane falls to the ground.

On the field, mountains of twisted technology

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Reel №3

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German officers come down to the headquarters of the Luftwaffe.

For a map sitting göring discussing with officers the task of the Luftwaffe.

Flying German planes the bombing of Soviet territory.

The air battle.

Map Ilmenskoe the lake.

On the way, go carts, horses, cyclists.

Artillery firing on the city, attack tanks and infantry.

View of Reval /Tallinn/ across the bridge.

Soldiers through the ruins, through the destroyed barricade.

March to Narva.

German soldiers in the campaign.

River with rapids, waterfall, the bridge is destroyed.

PNRM. at Narva.

The ruins of the city, from the Windows of the tongues of flame.

Fortress on the banks of the river.

German soldiers are on the road.

The map of revel, Multisport.

The population of revel joyfully greeted the Germans.

The soldiers joke with the local girls.

German soldiers shake hands on the

Of the Soviet Union.


Map, arrows from revel on the island of Osel.

Ferry Motorboats, ships, ferries.

German artillery fires, the gun.

Fires and smoke from explosions.

The fortress town of Ahrensburg in the island.

The soldiers in the city, traveling cyclists, motorcyclists, carts with horses on city streets. the soldiers flirt with the girls near the house.

German squadron at sea is sent to Murmansk.

Shooting guns ships.

Gross-Admiral Raeder congratulates sailors returning from a trip, it bypasses sailors, shakes hands with the officers.

Finnish front, Kirkenes.

General Dietl with officers from the map in the field.

A soldier looks through binoculars at sea.


Map Of Salla.

Tanks go through the snow to the river, crossing to the other side.

The pointer in Finnish Salla 142 km, Kemijarvi, Contiki.

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Reel №4

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The troops of General Dietl in the attack.

Artillery fire, automatically firing, are tanks.

A well-fortified village of Salla, the Germans occupied it.

The offensive tank.

Map of the Finnish front, Kandalaksha, Onega and Ladoga lake.

Field Marshal von Mannerheim with the officers goes to the position the gunner saluted him.

Podnoski of shells to the gun, shooting.

Soldiers are fleeing Soviet troops left the railway, cut the barbed wire.

The operator removes the fight.

Fighting between Ladoga and Onega lakes.

Soldiers are fleeing the smoke, the flash of flame among the trees.

Eastern Karelia, March on the settlement of Petroski.

Cavalry, infantry in trucks should be on the dirty roads.

Antiaircraft gun shoots into the sky.

Artillery strikes across the river in the city.

Ruins on the shore.

Finnish troops entered the city of Petroski.

The sisters of mercy in the Finnish army, the girls in the field kitchen, soldiers they poured the soup into the pot, hand out the bread.

General Heinrichs awards the German soldiers of the Finnish awards.

The siege of the city of Vyborg.

A squad of German sappers forces the river in boats, landing.

Finnish machine gunners in battle close-up.

The outskirts of Vyborg, the inscription on the building: "Vyborg", "Viipuri".

The ruins of the city.

The soldier with weapons on his shoulder on the background of the post with a Finnish flag.

The map shows the direction - Leningrad.

German planes are flying, the pilot in the cockpit, the bombing of strategic facilities and roads.

Tracer bullets in the air.

Dogfight with enemy aircraft.

German officers look at the Leningrad.

Infantry in the attack.

Soldiers throwing grenades, flamethrower.

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Reel №5

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Hitler, on the plane looks down at Minsk.

Its airport greeted the soldiers and officers.

The soldiers cheer and shout.

Field-Marshal von Bock meets Hitler.

They are at the headquarters at the map on the wall.

The scheme of the German advance from Bialystok to Minsk, then to Smolensk.

Neemtskie tanks go through the village, cameraman shoots the movement of troops on the background of burning houses.

German cavalry soldiers pass by fires.

The march on Grodno.

Beats artillery, tanks are going to storm the Soviet bunker, moving infantry.

From the bunker out Soviet soldiers surrender in captivity.

The tanks are moving down the road, across the bridge.

PNRM. Grodno, troops enter the city.

Crossing the Bug River.

The battle of local significance for the industrial part of the city.

German Panzer moving towards Minsk.

Burning Farm field with wheat.

The German troops are firing on the outskirts of the village.

On the road runs a column of prisoners, towards the trucks with troops.

German soldiers prisoner shows where to go.

Thousands of prisoners sitting on the ground, close-ups of people, mostly Asian.

Flying German planes dropping bombs.

Artillery fired by Soviet tanks.

The projectile enters the house, it shatters into pieces.

Burning houses, ruins.

German cavalry, tanks on the outskirts of Minsk.

German troops came close to the so-called

Stalin defense line.

A map of the city Ulla Vitebsk.

Sovestky bunkers disguised as construction.

German soldiers remove barbed wire.

Soviet soldiers surrendering, goes evry glasses, Asians.

A huge column of prisoners.

Visible ruins.

Focus on Minsk and Smolensk.

Go German soldiers

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Reel №6

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The road to Smolensk, German soldiers are smiling.

Shoot guns, camouflaged with branches.

German troops met fierce resistance.

Burning village.

July 16, 1941, German troops entered Smolensk.

Soldiers move short dashes, running with a camera operator.

Destroyed buildings.

The inscription on the house: Smolensk.

Managing military commander.

Soldiers are on the wet ground.

Flare takes off.

Against the background of the burning trees the soldiers moved the gun.

Tymoshenko Army soldiers surrendering.

Column of prisoners moving along the road near Smolensk.

Lying abandoned broken appliances, tools.

Railway junction.

Twisted railway platform unloaded tanks.

PNRM. along with broken trains station, a top view of the station.

German sappers vossanavlivayut railroad tracks.

Sending freight train with the German military equipment.

Builders are on the bridge.

According to a pontoon bridge across the river are the tanks, trucks and other equipment


Southern Front.

General von Rundstedt welcomed Hitler's coming out of the airplane.

Jubilant soldiers pulled his hands in a Nazi salute.

By car, Hitler goes to one of the headquarters, welcomed the soldiers on his way.

Map offensive against Kiev, Uman, Bessarabia.

The march of German troops in Bessarabia.

Romanian troops in the stowed the march, they go through the village.

The old man pours water into the pots soldiers.

Crossing the river Kut, engineers build bridges, traffic on it.

Vist transporant: "Glory to Hitler!

Glory to Ukraine!".

The population of Bessarabia welcomes German soldiers

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Reel №7

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Romanian King Michael, General Antonescu, and to combat positions.

Fires Romanian heavy artillery soldier stops his ears.

The soldiers in the attack, firing their flamethrowers, engineers do the passages in obstacles.

Troops vtupayut in Balti town.

Surrendering Soviet soldiers.

View from the airplane over the city.

On the ground lay the bodies of victims of the GPU. The church, where in Soviet times produced vodka.

Another church, adapted by eektromasterskuyu, church-granary.

Bessarabia, the troops are on rural roads.

Residents, especially old ladies cross and overshadow crosses troops.

Crossing the river by boat, ferry, which carried on the hands to the water.

Map city Rudki.

Hungarian and Slovak troops in the attack.

From the ruined farm out Soviet soldiers surrendering.


Promotion of German engineering for roads blurry.

The soldiers pushed the car in the rain.

The meeting of the German and Hungarian units, the soldiers shake hands and discuss a plan of joint offensives.

Rundstedt Division moves forward to meet the troops is a column of Soviet prisoners of war.

A German soldier shows up at the sky, there are German aircraft "shtukas".

Dogfight, falls down downed aircraft.

Fighting near Uman, are the German tanks.

A Soviet officer surrenders.

Tanks and infantry enter the city.

Lights abandoned Soviet machinery.

Soviet soldiers surrendering, among them a woman.

A temporary camp in the open air prisoners.

Map, movement in the Odessa, Nikolaev, Krivoy Rog.

Population meets German colors

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Reel №8

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View of the Dnieper, the soldiers watching the troops crossing the river on a pontoon bridge.

Fighting under the Nikolayev.

The advent of tank and motorized units.

The troops are part of the city, enveloped in fire.

Town Wharf, unfinished stand trial.

Parts of the Waffen SS in the attack near the Dnieper River.

Outskirts Dneprodzerzhinsk, the Germans mounted artillery firing.

The shelling of the city streets.

The ruins of the factory, they go down to slaughter, raise the top coal.

Map, the direction of impact at the Kherson and Odessa.

The Germans looked through binoculars at Odessa.

The city suited the German warships, dropping mines in the sea.

October 16 Romanian troops are part of Odessa, a march through the city streets.

Flying the Romanian flag.

Mountain mangled machinery, port with abandoned vessels.

The attack on the Dnipropetrovsk.

The artillery firing across the river in the city.

Forcing the Dnieper River by boat.

In pontoon bridge peredfigaetsya military equipment and troops.

On the map the new "pot" under Kremenchug, triangle Roslavl - Korosten - Kremenchug.

Tank Army under General Kleist found near Kiev with the other troops of the German army.

Map: the direction of further strike - Gomel, where the Germans were fighting the army Tymoshenko.

Fighting in Gomel.

August 19 the Germans enter the city.

are Soviet prisoners along the street.

Temporary camp prisoners closeup.

Campfire prisoners peeling potatoes, among them a woman

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Reel №9

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THE USSR. The artillery fires near Gomel.

General von Bock and von Kyufler looking through binoculars, watching the fighting from the gums.

Attack of German infantry, perepravva boat across the river.

Soldiers climb to a high parapet.

The trenches are killed by the soldiers.

Sovestky soldiers surrendering.

PNRM. defending well field.

The German troops were preparing to attack.

The village, the Germans are combing the house, shooting at the walls.

Tanks General Guderaina move along a dirt road.

The soldier fires his pistol.

General Guderian shakes hands with soldiers.

The map on it labeled "pot" in which there were troops of the Red Army.

German soldiers are the tanks.

The battle for the village.

German troops destroyed in the "pot" the remnants of the Red Army.

Conflagration, mangled machinery on the roadside.

German tanks and infantry in a joint offensive.

Soldiers from the railway embankment.

Machine-gun and anti-aircraft fire.

After two weeks of fighting: PNRM. battlefield, mangled burning appliances.

A huge column moving prisoners, a large detachment of Cossacks in hats.

View from the plane to the Ukrainian city of Balti.

The Germans in the city.

People joyfully greets troops.


Guderina Army goes to Bryansk, Vyazma, Orel, forming two "pot".

Luftwaffe aircraft ready to fly, the bombing of the Soviet territory.

Air battle, shot down the plane crashes.

Bombs are flying down

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Reel №10

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