Volga lights 1994 № 3 This old, old, new court

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: L. Burina

Operators: L. Denisov


The issue talks about the use of the jury in the practice of law of the Saratov regional court.

Courts and prosecutors

State institutions

Reel №1

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Illustration to the novel by L. N. Tolstoy's "Resurrection".

The views and the panorama of the courtroom in Saratov.

The Chairman of the Saratov regional court Galkin I. A. says the introduction in court practice, trial by jury, requirements to the jurors and their responsibility (synchronously).

The judge in the mantle comes to the courtroom, all rise.

Jurors take their seats, the faces of the jurors.

Lawyer Salesin V. I. tells about the reasons for the choice of defendants jury (synchronously).

The Prosecutor read the indictment.

The face of the court clerk.

The judge listens to the indictment.

Behalf of the jury during the reading of the indictment.

The defendant sit in the corner behind the table.

The judge asks questions to the defendant.

The faces of the jurors.

A relative of the victim and wipes his tears.

The judge Tsarev, Y. I. speaks about the situation in case of the contradiction of the verdict of the jury to the judge (synchronously).

The defendant in the courtroom, next to the escort.

Jurors seated in its place.

Silicon says about the prohibition to inform the jury about the crimes earlier committed by the defendant, the unwillingness of society to the introduction of the jury (synchronously).

View of the snow-covered roof of the building.

Illustrations to Tolstoy's story "Sunday".

One of the jurors spoke about his attitude to the proposal to enter the jury about the reasons for the initial backlash, on the necessity to renew the assize court in the domestic legal practice (synchronously).

A female juror talks about his positive attitude towards the introduction of the jury (synchronously).

The judge comes into the courtroom, jurors sit on the seats.

The lawyer Romanov S. Yu tells about the premature introduction of jury trials in modern Russia, on a small number of acquittals due to the lack of trial by jury, the role of the lawyer in trial by jury (synchronously).

Behalf of the jury.

The defendant in the courtroom.

The judge sets the questions.

A relative of the defendant in the courtroom.

Member of the jury says the jury rendered the verdict (synchronously).

The defendant hears the verdict, standing behind bars in the dock.

The judge Tsarev speaks about the need of restructuring of the public perception of the court's role and judicial activities (synchronously).

Fragments of a trial with a jury.

Jurors come to the courtroom and seated in their places.

Jurors interviewed about their feelings during the court process and adjudication (synchronously).

The faces of the jurors.

Galkin says the introduction of trial by jury as to justifying itself as (synchronously).

Relative approach the defendant in the courtroom after the verdict, the guards removed them.




Saratov region

Society, social activities and community organizations
Social life