Volga lights 2000 № 4 The problem of the center and the pain of the suburbs

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: D. Lunjkov

Operators: N. Kotov

Other authors: L. Burina, T. Burakova


The issue is dedicated to the visiting meeting of the Russian Federation Council held in Astrakhan and the problems of development of the Astrakhan region.

Russian cities and regions | Authorities and management

Towns and countries | Geography and Nature | State institutions

Reel №1

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The plane with members of the Federation Council ends taxiing at the airport after landing at the Astrakhan airport.

Meeting of the speaker of the upper house of the Russian Parliament Yegor Stroev at the plane ramp, handing Stroev bread and salt.

Stroev and his entourage are on the airfield.

Stroev gives an interview about Astrakhan as a new point of connection of trade relations between the countries,about the future of the region (synchronously).

Types of streets, squares and parks in Astrakhan.

People on the streets of the city.

View of the wall of the Astrakhan Kremlin.

The Governor of the Astrakhan region A. P. Guzhvin speaks about the stability of the region entrusted to him, the absence of internal conflicts between the branches of government, the Federal Center, and the completion of the formation of a new state power (synchronously).

View of the star meeting of the Federation Council.

Persons participating in the meeting, among them - Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Lukin VP, Guzhvin.

Stroev speaks from the podium.

Types of the meeting hall and Presidium.

Lukin speaks from the podium.

Stroev and Guzhvin applaud at the end of Lukin's speech.

Panorama of the press conference hall following the first day of the meeting.

Stroev talks about the goals of the visiting session, the preservation of Russia as a single state, the need for political and social stability (synchronously).

Guzhvin speaks about the need to preserve the Caspian sea for Russia (synchronously).

Panorama of the press conference hall.

Stroev and Guzhvin during a press conference.

Stroev, Guzhvin and their accompanying persons go to the Astrakhan shipyard.

Members of the Federation Council on the territory of the plant, view of the ship under construction.

Stroev and Guzhvin listen to explanations from the shipyard management.

Ships under construction at the shipyard.

Guzhvin talks about the need to solve the problems of the Caspian sea, the inadmissibility of Russia's loss of the Caspian sea, and the restoration of Russia's dominant position in the Caspian sea (synchronously).

The ferry is moving across the river.

Cars leave the ferry.

Guzhvin on the ferry during a trip around the region.

Fishing boats near the shore.

Fishing crew reeling in the net

Guzhvin at the opening ceremony of a new fish processing shop in Volodarsky district, a bottle of champagne is broken against the wall of the shop.

Guzhvin thanks the builders (synchronously).

The process of cutting fish in the new shop.

Operation of the vacuum packaging line.

Fish in the package.

The head of the company "Russian style" K. Shantemirov talks about the prospects of processing Astrakhan fish on the spot (synchronously).

Unloading of caught fish.

View of the fishing village.

Vessels in one of the Volga channels.

A man with a fishing rod is sitting at the pier.


Stroev Egor Semenovich -- statesman and politician
Guzhvin Anatolij Petrovich -- statesman and politician
Lukin Vladimir Petrovich -- political figure, historian




Astrakhan region



Political figures; Media; Policy
Biography; Social life