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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: M. Kudasov

Operators: L. Denisov

Recordist: T. Burakova


The issue is dedicated to the head of the Astrakhan city administration Vladimir Romanovich Shcherbakov and his activities in this post.

Authorities and management

State institutions

Reel №1

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Panorama of the ice-covered Volga near the cargo port of Astrakhan.

View of the winter city Park.

A brass band plays, the conductor at the console.

Ship at the pier, view of the pier building on the embankment.

Street panorama in the private sector of the city.

Girls make a snowman.

View of winter Astrakhan street.

The head of the city administration of Astrakhan V. R. Shcherbakov talks about the large number of old housing in The city, the plans for new urban development, the preservation of the architectural appearance of Astrakhan, the restored historical buildings of The city, the program for further restoration of the city, utility networks and roads, the development of the economy, small business, education and health, the need for material support of these plans (synchronously).

Janitor cleans snow from the steps of the Cathedral in the Astrakhan Kremlin, view of the Cathedral.

Types of historical monuments in Astrakhan.

Panorama of a residential block under construction.

Shcherbakov talks about changes in the construction infrastructure due to a change in funding sources, a drop in construction volumes in the early 1990s, a gradual increase in housing construction, and the commercial principle of providing citizens with apartments (synchronously).

Panorama of residential buildings under construction.

Panorama of the Playground and new homes around it.

Panorama of the new residential quarter, children go to school.

Bulldozer in the clearing next to the construction site.

Construction of structures to prevent flooding of the city.

Shcherbakov talks about the construction of structures to prevent flooding of the city, the implementation of government decisions to eliminate the consequences of flooding.

A worker is hosing down a concrete structure.

View of the corridor of one of the city hospitals.

Shcherbakov holds a meeting with the heads of healthcare in Astrakhan.

Faces of the meeting participants.

Shcherbakov presents a certificate to one of the honored doctors.

Shcherbakov tells about the measures taken to solve the problems of financial security of health and education, about the increase in expenses due to the constant change in the cost of energy, about contacts with various organizations in providing assistance to elderly citizens (synchronously).

View of the building of the Territorial center for social security of pensioners of Trusovsky district.

Sign on the building of the center.

Retired women sew on sewing machines.

The doctor measures the pressure of an elderly woman.

Cooking in the kitchen of a nursing home.

Lunch in the dining room of a nursing home.

Performance of an ensemble of folk instruments in a nursing home.

Disabled person repairs shoes in a Shoe shop.

Faces of elderly women.

The bartender girl behind the counter.

Waitresses serve tables in the cafe's dining room.

Shcherbakov talks about working in the field of public catering, about the formation of business in this industry and getting tangible results in two or three years (synchronously).

The waiter sets the tables.

Bar patrons at the counter.

The bartender pours drinks.

Children roll a snowball in the yard.

Panorama of the corridor of one of the schools.

Shcherbakov speaks about the development of a concept for the development of education, which allows a more accurate approach to the implementation of children's talents (synchronously).

Children in the classroom in the art class of the children's house of creativity "Joy".

Teachers give students tips, correct drawings.

Children at school in the drawing class.

Brass band during rehearsal.

A tree in the snow.

The conductor directs the orchestra.

Boys and girls playing in the snow.

Brass band musicians during a rehearsal.

Winter landscape in Astrakhan.


Scherbakov Vladimir Romanovich -- state and economic figure




Astrakhan region



Russian cities and regions; Social life; Construction; Health; Education; Trade; Childhood and youth
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; Sectors of the economy