Vladimir Kokurin's School. (1987)

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Other authors: R. Koposov, N. Valitov, N. Djyakov, V. Klyachkin


The film is about Saransk coach on free-style wrestling Vladimir Kokurin, his work with young athletes.


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Views of the square during the holiday in Saransk, people lead round dances, artists perform from the stage.

Passing sledge troika, wrestling match of the participants of the holiday, one of the wrestlers is dressed in a bear costume.

The coach of the Children's Youth Sports School No. 4, Vladimir Kokurin, conducts a training session.

Photos of Kokurin with his pupils.

Portrait of Kokurin in the Book of honor of the sports society "Harvest".

Photos of Kokurin with his brother.

V. Kokurin's brother talks about his sports achievements (synchronously), photos of training sessions.

View of the birch alley.

Strength training for young athletes.

V. Kokurin talks about freestyle wrestling as a sport, about his young students, about the role of a coach as a teacher (synchronously).

Stand with sports cups and awards.

Dynamo coach V. G. Yermoshin talks about his training methods (synchronously).

A fragment of a wrestling match.

Kokurin goes to practice.

Newsreel: construction of a sports school building from a former boiler room, the guys are working on a construction site.

Kokurin talks with his students during a break in training.

Kokurin talks about the difficulties of establishing a sports school in Saransk, about the people who hindered him (synchronously).

Books and letters on Kokurin's desk.

A fragment of a wrestling match during the tournament.

Faces of athletes and members of the judging panel.

Presentation of awards to the winners.

Sports cups won by the school.

Kokurin conducts another training session.

Young wrestlers during training matches.

Kokurin draws a slogan-greeting, repairs radio equipment.

Registration of the hall before the start of the competition.

Kokurin holds a meeting before the start of the anniversary championship of the school.

Young wrestlers before the competition.

Raising the national flag.

Faces of young athletes.

Preparation of participants of competitions for an exit on a carpet.

Wrestling matches of young athletes.

Comrades congratulate the winner of the match.

Yermoshin speaks about the number of pupils in the society "Dynamo" (synchronously).

A fragment of a wrestling match.

A cleaner cleans the floor in the corridors of a sports school.

Awarding the winners of the school championship.




Republic of Mordovia

Childhood and youth; Sporting events
Social life; Sport

Reel №2

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One of the pupils kokurina talks about how his friend named Andrew lured into other sports society (synchronously).

Training the younger group of wrestlers in sports school № 4.

Kokurin tells about methods of work with pupils, interaction with the school teachers, the recruitment of students of other coaches (synchronously).

Photo kokurina with their pupils.

K. A. Kokurin talking about his students, their accomplishments (synchronously).

V. Kokurin conducts training, explains the importance of sports in life.

The young athletes of weight training.

Wrestler R. Nasybullov during the match, pictures Nasibova.

K. A. Kokurin tells about Nasibova, his problems (synchronously).

Guys after training in the hall put Chuchelov angle.

Kokurin says about the education of the fighting spirit that his team (synchronously).

Young athletes come into the school building.

Kokurin is conducting regular exercise.

Pupils kokurina during exercise.

Fragments of a wrestling match.

Kokurin said the fate of the pupils, who left him in the other sports companies, the attitude to sport from the state (synchronous).

Young athletes are steamed in the sauna, dive into the pool.

V. Kokurin says about his future plans, the education of the athlete and the person, about young recruits, athletes and coaches (synchronously).

Kokurin conducts regular training, provide guidance to their pupils.

Kokurin night out of the school building.




Republic of Mordovia



Childhood and youth; Sporting events
Social life; Sport