Dear Guest. (1943)

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Operators: K. Motkov, M. Barabutli

Recordist: L. Gerikova

Music designer: B. Mercalov


The documentary about the guard member Alexander Kulik, invited after being injured on a visit to a Tatar family.

World War II


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Types of streets and buildings of Kazan.

Down the street come a platoon of soldiers.

Women at the town's post office drop letters in the mailbox.

Antonina Martyanova the postman delivers letters to recipients.

Martyanova mail presents the nurse of the military hospital.

Recovering in the break room of the hospital, play chess and read Newspapers.

Distribution of letters to the wounded.

Guard soldier Alexander Kulik at the chessboard.

Kulik expands received a letter, begins to read.

The text of the letter with an invitation to visit.

Passenger steamer sailing on the Kama river.

Types of banks of the Kama, Kulik on Board the ship, river landscapes.

The ship moves to the dock, the steam escapes from the ship's horn.

Kulik ashore with other passengers.

Kulik goes through the field.

Harvest at a collective farm in Tatarstan using a horse Reaper.

Women knit bundles, the face of a woman drinking water.

Loading the sheaves onto the wagon.

Kulik enters the village.

Ducks in the water, Sandpiper is across the bridge.

A girl with a yoke on his shoulders shows the Kulik's path.

Kulik is on the street of the village.

Kulik greeted the woman sitting at the gate.

Women reap bread with the help of sickles.

Kulik backpack takes the pack and begins to clean the boots.

The cat on the windowsill.

Kulik rolls a cigarette, lights.

Women, who invited Kulik, approach him, greet.

Face Maymuna Gainutdinova.

Kulik comes to the house yard.

Cat washes on the windowsill.

Pain dumping water on the hands of the guest, Kulik washes off the road.

Kulik towel.

Family Gainutdinova covers in the yard tablecloth for the guest.

National Tatar dishes on the tablecloth.

The hosts and the guest drinking tea and talking.

Kulik talks about his participation in the fighting.

The Soviet infantry coming through the field and in the trenches, burning German self-propelled guns and tanks.

Kulik and Gainutdinova talking over tea in the courtyard.

Kama at sunset.

Pain opens a window.

Cows and sheep in the pasture.

Kulik paint the window frames in the house owners.

Milking cows in the field.

Kulik watering from watering the garden owners.

Kulik and Pain are harvested ripe cucumbers.

Children are sitting on the fence.

Kulik and Pain go for evening festivities.

Girls dance Tatar dance outside the village Kulik and Pain applauded.

Kulik is going on the road at the end of the holiday.

Maimun adds products in a duffle bag Kulik.

Kulik says goodbye to the hosts at the gate.

Kulik leave for the village street to the pier.

The farmers sift the grain on the threshing floor.

Kulik comes to the farmers, takes a handful of grain.

Kulik says goodbye to the farmers, sits on bags of grain stacked on the cart.

Kulik on the wagon of a convoy of grain for the front goes to the place of service.




The Republic of Tatarstan



Medicine; Agriculture; Life and leisure; National culture
Science; Sectors of the economy; Social life; Culture and Arts