Day of the war. (1942)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sluckij M.

Script writers: Kapler A.

Composers: Pokrass D.

Anouncers: Levitan Yu.

Recordist: Nesterov V., Fomin G.


13 Jun 1942 1-4h. Balloons over Moscow. Moscow streets, buildings, monuments. Red-skiers in the Arctic. The city of Sevastopol. Sailors attack. The soldiers of the Western front on vacation. The pianist speaks to the pilots of the XYZ part. The plane with food for the besieged Leningrad. Destroyed buildings, killed in the bombing of children. Submarines of the Baltic fleet. Air combat aircraft "Messerschmitt-110". Guerrilla activity in the Oryol region. Soviet tank crews in battle. The miners have been mining coal and ore in different regions of the USSR. Oil workers in Baku. Steelworkers at plants. Workers in the shops of the Chelyabinsk tractor plant. 5-8h. There are tests of new Soviet military aircraft. Molotov after a trip to Washington, DC. M. I. Kalinin signed the telegram to king George VI. A. A. Badaev award of hero of the Soviet Union. The Soviet people are reading letters from the front. The harvest in Central Asia. Fishermen on fisheries in the Pacific ocean. Young men preparing for military service. Seeing boys and girls on the front in different regions of the USSR. The soldiers of the different troops of the red Army are on the offensive. Singer L. Alexander stands in the N part.

World War II


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Soldiers are running to attack.

Balloons in the air.

Moscow, a view of the embankment, a large balloon in the air.

Pushkin monument, balloon.

Planes in the sky, the city is visible from a bird's-eye view.

A mounted patrol rides through the morning streets.

Red Square, Lenin's Mausoleum, a mounted patrol rides.

Planes in the sky, a bird's-eye view of the city.

Red Square, a view of the Historical Museum, the mausoleum, a mounted patrol rides.

Running alley, sculptures of horses.

A mounted patrol is passing under the bridge.

A patrolman with a rifle under the bridge.

The curfew patrol stops the car, checks the documents.

A large-dismissal note.

A patrolman passes a car with military personnel.

View of the Kremlin, Stone bridge, river, embankment.

The military is marching across the bridge, a boat is sailing under the bridge.

Amphibious, rifle, infantry battalions are marching on the embankment, a military band is playing.

The Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin.

North, on a rock on patrol is the Red Navy man Vasily Demyanov.

Waterfall on a rock, panorama of the shore, the sea.


The Arctic, snow, soldiers in white camouflage riding on skis.

Explosions, soldiers firing machine guns.

A soldier bandages the head of a wounded soldier.

Soldiers on skis descend from the mountain, explosions are heard.

Soldiers are carrying the body of a murdered political officer on a sled.

The general plan is a column of soldiers on skis in white masks.

Sevastopol, the stele is a monument to submerged ships, a warship is sailing on the sea.

Monument to Lenin in Sevastopol, view of the embankment and the sea.

Large - a sailor with a rifle.

Panorama of the city, planes in the sky.

Guns are fired from the ship at planes.

Explosions in the city.

Artillery guns are firing.

Explosions are heard.

Volleys from artillery guns - from land and from ships.


Sailors shoot from machine guns, submachine guns.

Sailors are crawling along the plast with a rifle and grenades.

Footage of the fighting - sailors in the trench, firing from hand-held machine guns, machine guns, stationary machine guns, soldiers running to attack.

Panorama of the ruined city.

Sailors look into the water, at the wreckage of a German plane.

Destroyed buildings, broken furniture on the street.

A blooming garden, sailors are walking, carrying a wounded man on a stretcher.

Monument to Lenin in Sevastopol, view of the embankment and the sea.

Forest, a gun is firing from the shelter.

Different shots with explosions, with volleys from artillery guns.


The fighters are sleeping.

There is a tank in the forest.

Fighters prepare food in the field.

A military man prints a newspaper number on a typewriter.

The fighter is sleeping on the ground.

A military man is playing with a puppy.

Rural landscape - river, shore, trees.

A fighter writes a letter.


A fighter in the trench.

Comes with a soldier with a big can on his back.

Soldiers eat from pots.

Soldiers are reading a newspaper.

A military gunner with binoculars, there is an artillery piece nearby.

A plane in the sky.

Key words

WWII, war, artillery guns, warships, landing, infantry, attack, machine guns


The Arctic



Fleet; Army; Defense of Sevastopol
Defense and internal security; World War II; History

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Concert at the front - Pianist Emil Gilels plays the piano.

Pilots listen to music.

Different plans with a musician playing, pilots, soldiers listening to a performance.

A plane flies by.

Fighter pilot P. T. Eremenko gets out of the cockpit.

A pianist is playing.

Eremenko reports to the management on the results of the combat departure.

Eremenko is listening to a concert.

Gilels finishes playing, bows, the audience applauds.

Crates are loaded into the plane - this is cargo for the besieged Leningrad.

A plane in the sky.

Shooting from a height - the ground, clouds.


View of the Field of Mars, Peter and Paul Fortress, Admiralty.

Camouflage net, searchlights.

Artillery pieces on the streets of the city, sandbags, tram rides.

Guns and fortifications with bags on the Neva embankment.

Meeting of the Military Council of the Leningrad Front.

In the frame of the leadership of Leningrad - Zhdanov A. A., Lieutenant General Govorov L. A., Kuznetsov A. A. Members of the council at the map.

The street of the city through a slot in the fortification.

The front defense of Leningrad.

Fence posts with barbed wire.

In the frame is the sniper Teshaboy Odilov.

Sniper in ambush.

A shot, a soldier falls.

The sniper and his partner change their position.

Leningrad, view of St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

Neva Embankment.

The girls are on duty on the roof.

The building is smoking.

The destroyed building of the Printing Yard workshop.

Residents, children help to sort out the rubble, take out things.

View of the Neva River.

A military man lifts an elderly woman from the ground.

Destroyed houses.

The dead girl on the stairs of the house.

A woman is crying.

Grieving women, children.

Shots from artillery guns.

Barents Sea, submarine.

An operator works on the boat.

Different shots outside and inside the submarine.

Diving to the depth.

The captain of the submarine Kolyshkin I. A. looks into the periscope.

The sailor writes on the torpedo - "For Stalin."

The submarine is preparing for torpedoing.

View of the sea and the ship through the sight.

Different shots of sailors in a submarine - various instruments, equipment, etc.

A cook on a submarine.

A torpedo is fired, the captain looks at his watch, an explosion is heard, the ship is hit, the sailors congratulate each other.

Sailors near artillery pieces.

In the frame is the pilot Pyotr Shibnev.

Bending shaves, communicates with his comrade-in-arms.

Refueling of a military aircraft.

Cartridges are placed in the ammunition compartment of the aircraft.

There's a flare in the sky.

The pilots run to the planes, put on equipment, sit in the cockpit.

Planes in the sky, there is a dogfight.

A downed plane is falling.

Soviet planes land at the airfield.

Pilot Sgibnev is congratulated on the 12th downed German plane.

Key words

Frontline concert, pilots, planes, sniper, blockade, submarine, dogfight


Gileljs E. G. - sovetskij pianist, muzikaljnij pedagog
Zhdanov A. A. - sovetskij partijnij i politicheskij deyatelj, chlen Politbyuro CK KPSS
Govorov L. A. - sovetskij voenachaljnik, marshal SSSR
Kuznecov A. A. - sovetskij partijnij i politicheskij deyatelj, sekretarj CK VKP(b)
Odilov T. - snajper
Kolishkin I. A. - kontr-admiral, Geroj Sovetskogo Soyuza
Sgibnev P. G. - sovetskij letchik, geroj Sovetskogo Soyuza


Barents Sea



Siege of Leningrad breakthrough; Fleet; Air force
World War II; History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Oryol region, partisans with rifles are walking along the road, a village can be seen in the background.

The partisan stands on the high bank of the river.

A cabinetmaker, a partisan works at the machine, makes weapons.

Partisans assemble a machine gun, a cabinet maker checks a new rifle.

Partisans in the forest.

The bridge over the river explodes.

The partisans break into the village, the battle begins.

Partisans pick up weapons from the dead Germans.

A soldier shoots from a light machine gun.

Different shots of the battle, burning huts, dead German soldiers, etc.

Partisan liberators are met by villagers, women hug soldiers, give them food.

The commander of the detachment, on a tank, makes a speech at a rally.

Partisans and villagers rejoice, shout hurrah.

Traitors-policemen are being escorted - women beat them with sticks, shovels.

Execution of a traitor.

Partisans communicate with local residents.

Villagers are handing over food to the partisans.

Carts with food are sent to the forest.

The plane is landing.

An explosion, a burning plane on the ground.

The mortally wounded pilot Antonov is placed on a stretcher.

The parking place of Antonov's plane.

The pilot who died of wounds is covered with a sheet.

Mournful faces of comrades.

One of the pilots says farewell words.

The pilots approach the plane.

Planes take off.

Planes in the air.

The pilot in the plane shoots a gun.

Shooting outside - the pilot of the plane shoots at the enemy.

Planes in the air.

The plane drops bombs.

Shooting from the air - a strike on an enemy airfield, explosions are visible.

Different shots of planes in the air.

Pilots bring down fire on the front edge of the enemy (shooting from above, from the cockpit of the aircraft).

A Soviet plane drops incendiary bombs.

The battle begins, anti-tank artillery guns are installed, Guns are fired at enemy tanks.

Different shots of the battle - volleys from guns, soldiers in the trench, a general view of the field with tanks, shots, explosions, commanders from the dugout watching the battle through binoculars.

Tanks of Lieutenant Colonel Arkhipov's tank brigade leave the shelter.

Tanks are coming, soldiers are stationed on the armor.

Battle footage - tanks on the field, infantry running to attack, guns firing, etc.

The tank drives past the enemy's damaged tanks (taken from the tank).

A Soviet tank is being towed by a German tank.

In the frame is the Hero of the Soviet Union, Commissar Timofey Shashlo.

Tankers get out of tanks.

Comrades take out a wounded radio operator from the tank, with a bandaged head.

Evacuation of the wounded by car to the hospital.

The North-western front.

There are tanks in ambush.

In the tank, a German tank is visible through the slit of the sight.

The cannon is firing, the tank is hit.

Germans run out of a damaged tank.

The fighters are chasing the crews of the torched tanks hiding in the forest.

A large-burning tank.

Key words

Partisans, traitors, pilots, dogfight, tanks, wounded


Orel region



Air force; Army
Defense and internal security; Aviation

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Kalinin Front.

Artillery preparation before the attack.

Guns are firing.

The commander of the gun with a pipe, commands "Fire!".

Different shots with guns, volleys, ammunition, etc.

Explosions can be seen in the distance.

The commander of the gun commands "Fire!", "Submit ammunition".

A factory for the production of ammunition.

Shots with shells, workers in the shop, workers and female workers make rifles, weapons, bombs, shells, etc.

Bombs, shells, are placed in special wooden cases.

The general plan is an ammunition depot at the factory.

Ural, Krasnogvardeysky mine, miner Illarion Yankin works in the mine.

Wagons with stone ore are traveling along the rails.

In the mountains of Kazakhstan, an expedition of the USSR Academy of Sciences is developing new iron ore deposits.

Expedition camp.

There are ore samples on the table.

In the frame is Alexey Semivolos, a driller, an iron ore miner.

The machine gunner shoots.

Semivolos works in the mine.

Karaganda, mine number 20. Miners are working.

Trolleys with coal are traveling along the rails.

Cheremkhovsky basin, women work in a coal mine.

Shots with coal.


Log with marks of drilling depth.

Workers in oil production.

Drilling rigs.

Oil is poured into tanks.

A freight train with fuel is going.

Kuznetsk Metallurgical Plant.

Large - hours.

Work in the workshops of the combine, liquid metal is poured.

In the frame is Vasily Romanchuk, a steelworker.

Steelworkers are working.

Personnel with various production processes in the steel industry.

Magnitogorsk, buildings and workshops of "Magnitogorsk".

Steelworkers are working.

Melting of new armor-piercing steel.

The best steelworker Alexander Markovich Shcherbo with his staff.

Various work processes in the shop "Magnitogorsk".

Artillery factory, testing a new gun.

In the frame is the designer, Lieutenant General Grabin V. G. of the Corps and the territory of the artillery factory.

Ready-made guns are loaded.

Kirov Tank Factory in Leningrad - a panorama of the workshop.

Production of tanks - various work processes in the workshop.

In the frame - the turner Yehlakov is working.

The inscription in chalk on the blackboard is "1050% Exlaks".

The turner Vasily Gusev works.

Cheremushkin's turner is behind the machine.

Blacksmiths work.

Workers install a crawler on the tank.

Ready-made tanks are moving around the shop.

Tank tester Konstantin Kovsh hands over a new car to a lieutenant.

Tanks are being tested - driving across the field, maneuvering, and so on.

Tanks on land and on water.

Parking of tanks.

Key words

Artillery preparation, artillery, production of weapons, ammunition, weapons factory, ore mining, coal, mine, face, oil, steelworkers, Magnitogorsk, steel, tanks


Grabin V. G. - sovetskij konstruktor artillerijskogo vooruzheniya, general-polkovnik tehnicheskih vojsk


Kemerovo region



Industry; Army
Sectors of the economy; Defense and internal security

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A new transport plane is being taken out of the hangar.

The plane on the tarmac - different plans.

Fighter aircraft factory - aircraft assembly works are underway in the workshops of the plant.

A new fighter plane leaves the hangar.

A fighter jet is on the runway, taking off.

Tests of the aircraft.

Pilots, designers observe the flight, make notes.

The head of the flight test shop, engineer Lutsky and the military representative sign the certificate of acceptance of the aircraft.

The workshop of the aviation plant - work is underway on the production of attack aircraft.

Attack planes stand in a row on the field.

Testing a new batch of stormtroopers before being sent to the front.

Different shots of planes in the air.

The flights are supervised by aircraft designer Ilyushin and test pilot Kokkinaki.

Planes in the air, top view of the city.

The Kremlin, a car arrives, V. M. Molotov gets out of it.

People buy newspapers at the kiosk.

On the streets, in tansport, they read the latest issue of the newspaper with an article about Molotov's trip to London and Washington and about negotiations with the allies.

On the street of Moscow - British military pilots.

Moscow, Gorky Street, the Kremlin is visible in the distance.

Kalinin's Cabinet M. I. Kalinin signs a welcome telegram to King George VI of Great Britain on the signing of the treaty of friendship.

Moscow, view of the Kremlin, embankment.

Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Badaev A. E. presents awards to the heroes of the Soviet Union.

In the frame - pilot Bondarenko, Lieutenant Colonel Sandalov, tankman Grigoriev.

Moscow, city center, Gorky Street.

Heroes of the Soviet Union celebrate their awards at the restaurant.

In the frame - Grigoriev, Bondarenko, Sandalov.

The center, the streets of Moscow.

The family of the worker of the factory "Krasny Bogatyr" adopted a girl Lida, whose parents died.

Lida is in the circle of a new family, they put a crib for a girl in the room.

The brother hugs the new sister.

Large - baby pots under the beds.


Children's Hospital.

Nurse Nina Klochkova, the widow of the deceased political instructor Vasily Klochkov, a Panfilov hero.

There is a small child in the crib.

Nina feeds the boy porridge.

Women in the village of Nelidovo near Moscow read a letter from Nina Klochkova.

Women collect wildflowers.

The chairman of the Village Council Irina Smirnova fulfills Nina's request - lays flowers on the grave of 28 Panfilov residents.

Dubosekovo, the grave of 28 Panfilovites.

Mountains of Kazakhstan, horses graze, herdsmen receive a letter from their comrade who is fighting in the ranks of the Red Army.

Mountains of Georgia, flocks of sheep graze.

An old shepherd and a girl look after the herd.

A shepherd with a pipe, a dog is sitting next to him.

A girl in a burka near sheep.

Sheep graze in a meadow.

Mountains of Georgia.

Key words

Aviation plant, fighters, attack aircraft, planes, tests, heroes of the Soviet Union, allies, children's hospital, 28 Panfilov


Iljyushin S. V. - sovetskij aviakonstruktor
Kokkinaki V. K. - sovetskij letchik-ispitatelj
Molotov V. M. - sovetskij politicheskij i partijnij deyatelj, ministr inostrannih del SSSR
Kalinin M. I. - sovetskij politicheskij i partijnij deyatelj, predsedatelj Prezidiuma Verhovnogo Soveta SSSR
Badaev A. E. - sovetskij politicheskij i partijnij deyatelj, zamestitelj predsedatelya Prezidiuma Verhovnogo soveta SSSR
Bondarenko M. Z. - sovetskij letchik, geroj Sovetskogo Soyuza
Sandalov V. A. - sovetskij letchik, geroj Sovetskogo Soyuza



Aviation; Industry
Sectors of the economy

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Uzbek collective farm.

Wheat field, combine harvesters, harvesting equipment are working.

Harvesting on tea plantations in Abkhazia.

Girls with baskets on the field.

Wheat field, combine harvesters are working, grain is poured into the car body.

Schoolchildren of Uzbekistan help to harvest bread in the fields.

Bags of grain are packed and loaded.

Ashgabat, a collective farm, carts with camels are carrying the harvest.

A column of trucks, carts with camels on the streets.

Guns in camouflage.

Far East, the sea hunter boat goes on patrol.

Sailors on the ship.

Seiner of the fish processing plant "Typhoon".

At the helm is the assistant skipper Alla Kolomina.

Female fishermen disassemble the nets.

The commander of the boat looks through binoculars at the fishing vessel.

They wave their hands from the ship.

Mail is being sent from the boat.

Women read an article in the newspaper about the shock work of Alla Kolomina.

Alla is at the helm, women are sorting nets, large - caught fish.

After a three-day voyage, the ships of the Amur flotilla return to the base.

Different shots with sailors, ships, guns, etc.

The plane over Kamchatka.

The mountains are visible below.

Klyuchevskaya sopka.

The population at combat exercises is in different parts of the country.

Different shots from the exercises.

A student of the military Academy, Captain Shikhalev, takes an exam on tactics and equipment of armored vehicles.

Different shots from the exercises - throwing grenades, shooting at targets, bayonet fighting, etc.

Motorized rifle brigade, cavalrymen, paratroopers.

Paratroopers jump with parachutes.

Marching infantry.


Cossacks-volunteers go to the front.

A woman is watering a horse from a bucket, a Cossack is standing next to her.

The Cossack says goodbye to his parents, sits on a horse.

Cossacks on horseback ride through the village.

Cossacks are jumping, waving checkers.

Large - hands type on a typewriter.

The list of nurses to be sent to the front is printed.

A woman is in the apartment, putting her daughter's dresses in the closet, who went to the front.

Combined shooting - shoes, dresses, dancing couples.

Feet in boots, a panorama of smiling, marching girls.

The girls are marching in formation.

Tbilisi, the pilots at the train station are escorted to the front.

A crowd of people on the platform, flowers, relatives saying goodbye, hugging.

The train with the military departs.

A train with military equipment and guns is coming.

Armored train.

Cargo train with tanks.

Shots with different freight trains.

The train is transporting tanks, soldiers are sitting at the top, singing to the accordion.

The girls throw flowers to the fighters, see off the train, the fighters wave back.

A train with tanks is coming.

Tanks on the field, shooting.

North-western front, tank battle.

Key words

Collective farm, harvesting, combines, tea plantations, grain, boat, seiner, warships, military exercises, trains, Cossacks


Far East
Kamchatka Krai



Agriculture; Sea and river transport; Trains
Sectors of the economy; Transportation

Reel №7

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Commanders with a map, develop an operation.

Crossing the river on rafts.

There are planes in the sky.

Anti-aircraft guns are being fired at planes.

In explosions on the shore and in the water, the fighters cross the river on a raft.

Anti-aircraft gun.

There is a downed plane in the sky.

A burning German plane crashes.

The fighters are running to attack.


Soldiers cross the river on a raft, swimming on horseback.

The cavalry is galloping.

Infantry and machine gunners are running.

Different shots of the fight.

The tank crushes the hut.

The gun is firing.

In the frame - Komsomol member-machine gunner Vyacheslav Gornostaev participates in battle for the first time.

Different shots of the fight.

A tank is coming.

Red Army soldiers are running.

Killed German soldiers in the trenches.

Footage after the battle - a destroyed village, killed Germans.

Soldiers are taking prisoners.

A column of captured German soldiers.

Germans come out of the dugout with their hands raised.

German prisoners are coming.

Kalinin Front.


A passenger car in camouflage made of branches is driving.

People's Artist Larisa Alexandrovskaya gets out of the car.

Frontline concert.

Alexandrovskaya sings from the tank.

Tankers, fighters listen to the concert.

The concert is over, the tank soldiers are preparing for battle.

Planes are being released from hiding.

The command is at the map, developing a plan for a military operation.

In the frame - Major General Gromov, head of the air operation, Colonel Yumashev.

The plane takes off.

Planes in the air.

Tanks are coming, Alexandrovskaya is waving a handkerchief.

Planes in the air.

Shooting in the cockpit of an airplane - the pilot at the controls, the pilot looks through the sight, presses the trigger, drops bombs.

Explosions on the ground, on enemy positions.

Tanks are coming, infantry is running.

View from the tank.

The Germans' anti-tank guns are firing.

Tank E runs over the guns.

View of the crushed cannon.

Planes in the air.

Stormtroopers attack enemy tanks.

Crews are fleeing from burning German tanks.

A volley of guns at the Germans.

Killed Germans.

Soldiers are running to attack, tanks are coming.

Key words

Infantry, cavalry, anti-aircraft gun, ferry, battle, prisoners, front concert, tanks, planes, attack


Aleksandrovskaya L. P. - sovetskaya belorusskaya artistka, opernaya pevica
Gromov M. M. - sovetskij voenachaljnik, letchik, geroj Sovetskogo Soyuza
Yumashev A. B. - sovetskij letchik-ispitatelj, geroj Sovetskogo Soyuza





Air force; Army; Concerts
Defense and internal security; Aviation; Culture and Arts

Reel №8

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Saninstructor Sasha Sokolova drags a wounded soldier, drags him into the trench.

Soldiers run into the building.

A medical instructor with a wounded man in a trench.

A large-bloody tunic.

An operation is underway, a military doctor, a professor-surgeon Vishnevsky is operating.

A large-extracted bullet.

There is a battle, a burning village, soldiers are fleeing.

Killed Germans.

Houses are burning.

Residents of the liberated village embrace.

Church, bells are ringing.

The bell ringer rings the bells, smiles.

Villagers run to the soldiers, hug them.

The bells are ringing.

Shots of burning houses.

Tanks are coming, infantry is running.

Shots of German tanks shot down.

Dead fascists on the armor.

Large - on the finger is a ring with a swastika.

The Red Army soldier Pyotr Kuryanov approaches the destroyed house where his family lived - parents and sister.

Burning houses, women crying.

A Red Army soldier takes photos of various Fascist atrocities from the pocket of a murdered German.

An elderly woman is crying.

Soldiers are feeding a little girl whose mother was hijacked to Germany.

The face of a soldier.

Killed Germans.

Soldiers are walking in the powder smoke, tanks are coming.

The Southern front.

The fight recently ended.

The Red Army soldier Egorov plays a trophy accordion.

Soldiers on vacation - write letters, clean weapons, sleep.

Sailing boats on the water.

The fighters are sleeping.

A fighter darns clothes.

Different shots - fighters clean weapons, write letters, smoke, relax.

Egorov plays the accordion, sings a song.

River, sunset, boats sailing.

The gun is under a camouflage net.

Ships are in port, a balloon is hanging in the air.

Sunset, a warship.

A gun, a sailor with a rifle is standing next to it.

Balloons in the air.

A soldier on duty near the gun.

Moscow, stone bridge, river, view of the Kremlin.

An artillery piece, the barrel rises up.

Airfield, there are planes.

Shots of pilots in the cabins.

Soldiers turn a large searchlight.

Balloon, monument to Pushkin.

Balloons in the sky.

Planes in the night sky.

A signal rocket.

The pilot is in the cockpit.

Close-up - the hand makes notes on the map.

The plane is in the sky, bombs are being dropped.

Explosions on the ground.

Guns are firing, tanks are coming.

A dead soldier falls.

Key words

Medical instructor, military surgeon, operation, tanks, infantry, burning village, balloons, artillery guns, planes





Army; Medicine; Air force
Defense and internal security; Science; Aviation