On the wide Volga 1974 № 20 To the champion's coach.

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Director: V. Alaberdin

Operators: R. Koposov, A. Sirih


The issue is dedicated to the senior coach of the Tatar ASSR judo team Vladimir Osipov and his students.

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Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Graduates of the school write an essay, the faces of boys and girls.

Dima Yakovlev's face.

Senior coach of the Tatar ASSR judo team V. I. Osipov conducts a training session.

Osipov's face.

Dima Yakovlev is writing a graduation essay.

The face of the director of school No. 22 N. G. Lebedeva.

Osipov's face.

Osipov Coaching medal.

Wrestlers during training.

Lebedeva gives a positive assessment of Osipov's coaching work and his pedagogical qualities (synchronously).

Osipov gives instructions to his students before starting training.

Faces of young judoists.

Osipov demonstrates one of the judo techniques, shows the correctness of its execution, the faces of the team members.

Osipov's students are divided into pairs, start warming up and practicing techniques.

Osipov points out mistakes in conducting receptions.

Osipov directs the training.

Osipov holds a short duel with one of the students.

Osipov is talking on the phone.

Osipov receives visitors in his office.

Osipov's face.

Osipov makes entries in the journal.

Type of signal gong.

A poster with a message about the personal and team judo championship in Chelyabinsk.

The judges perform the traditional ritual of starting a judo competition.

Panorama of the sports hall.

Dima Yakovlev during the next match, Osipov watches the course of the match.

The winner rises to the podium.

Osipov's face.

Lebedeva talks about Osipov's attitude to the students of the school, his positive influence on them, about Osipov's work as a class teacher (synchronously).

Osipov holds a meeting with the students.

Students view the champion cup.

Osipov conducts another training session in judo, demonstrates the purity of the techniques.

Osipov's students hold receptions on top of each other, divided into pairs.

Dima Yakovlev during the writing of the final essay.

Osipov during training.

Osipov shows the sequence of one of the techniques.

Osipov works on a tatami mat with Dima Yakovlev.

Osipov's students run cross-country during a general physical training session.

Checking the pulse of one of the students.

Dima Yakovlev during the writing of the final essay.

Osipov's face during an outdoor training session.

Osipov checks the pulse of one of the students.

Osipov's students during a jog in the forest.

Medal "Coach of the Champion", awarded to Osipov.


Osipov Vladimir Ivanovich -- judo coach




The Republic of Tatarstan



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