Our collections

Classification of films in our archive by the source types

Film 35mm and 16mm

We store about 50000 films 35mm and 16mm (negative, positive copy). It's included newsreels, footages, documentaries and other movies. We produce regular digitization of films from own collection in accordance with production plan or on order.

Video in HD quality

In accordance with the technical requirements we digitize films in HD quality. 2K or 4K resolution available on request.

Videocassettes and news footages

We digitize and systematize video from old archive videocassettes (Betacam, U-Matic, DVCAM, HDCAM), witch provided by various organizations for publication on our site and for licensing.

General collection - archives of biggest studios in USSR and Russia

Central Studio of Documentary Films (CSDF)

Central Studio of Documentary Films, the oldest and the largest film studio in former Soviet Union, was founded in 1927. The most talented documentalists and filmmakers such as Dziga Vertov, Roman Karmen, Mikhail Romm, Alexander Dovzhenko, Esfir Shub, Sergey Gerasimov and others worked for CSDF, their films formed the golden collection of Russian cinematography. The CSDF archive represent the full history of Soviet Union and other countries all over the world during the entire XX century.

Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Centre of National Film is a cessionary of the world-famous nonfiction film studio, whose films were awarded with prestigious international prizes. The new governing body of the Studio is planning on expanding the specialization of the enterprise in several directions: feature films, animation, documentary and popular science films. The history of CNF started in 1933.More than 10 thousand popular scientific, educational, advertising, and feature films were created on film-studio Centernauchfilm. These films were highly acclaimed not only in our country but widely abroad as well.

Sverdlovsk Film Studio

Sverdlovsk Film Studio was founded in 1943 as a union of evacuated during the WWII filmmakers. It was third, after Moscow and Leningrad studios, the largest film production company. The hundreds of documentaries and educational films have been made there during the existence of the Studio. The main value of the Sverdlovsk Studio archive is footages, which reflect a life of huge and remote from the center part of Russia – Ural, the border between Europe and Asia. The newsreel "Soviet Ural" is a unique chronicle describing daily life of that amazing region over many decades.

Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Lennauchfilm was founded in 1933 as a studio, which had to illuminate Soviet achievements in science, technic and industry. During the WWII, in conditions of the hardest trial in history of humanity – the Siege of Leningrad – the Studio were working despite everything. Thanks to efforts of directors and cameramen evidences of the most formidable pages of history and people's selflessness were retained. Lennauchfilm's works reflect history and daily life of one of the most beautiful cities of Russia and whole world – Sankt-Petersburg.