How to start ?

How to start ?

Main features summaries

Searching footage

Type key-words in search string (for example - "Cruiser Aurora") and press "Search"

By default, you will see the search results of digitized films (Fig.1).

Figure 1

Viewing video

To play the video, click in search results on one of the frames (playing starts from this frame) or click a string of text found in the description (playing starts with about the scene, as described in the text).

The page will open player, and start plaing the video from selected scene (Fig. 2).

Figure 2

Selecting the timecodes

Use the player buttons to select the first frame of the fragment (prees ) and last frame (prees )

Enter your own label for a fragment (it is not necessary, but handy feature). This label will appear on the list of selected fragments, and to help navigate the selected materials.

Figure 3

Saving fragments

When a fragment is selected, press the button "Save". Fragment will saving in current collection. Information about the current collection you can see under the Search button of search box (Fig. 4).

Figure 4

Important! If you are not signed, fragments will saving to a temporary collection. To avoid losing data do not forget to register or login to personal account (temporary collection is stored automatically as a constant).

Learn more about working with fragments

Order footage

After saving a few fragments in the collection, you can go to checkout and ordering.

Open the list of saved fragments (Fig. 5), with click by , (Fig.4) and select the fragments which you want to order (to select multiple rows, use Ctrl + Click).

To order, click "Order selected" (becomes active when you select some rows)

Figure 5

Other options for ordering