On steel lines

Digitized 39 of 39. Years 1981 - 1992

Newsreel "On steel lines" tells the story of the development of railway transport, on new types of trains on the railway construction, the application of new technologies on social protection of railway employees.

Ural Mountains' Video Chronicle

Digitized 34 of 40. Years 1961 - 2003


Digitized 31 of 44. Years 1992 - 2002

The newsreel "Master" was being issued from 1992 to 2002. Newsreel parts told about people of rare trades, about the businessmen who managed to establish own business in uneasy realities of Russia of the ninetieth years, about unusual hobbies and occupations, about real professionals of their work.

Great Ural Mountains

Digitized 30 of 40. Years 1985 - 1997


Digitized 28 of 33. Years 1935 - 2003

Newsreel about the cultural and economic changes in the life of the Tatarstan.


Digitized 24 of 44. Years 1964 - 1991

Soviet Cinema

Digitized 22 of 87. Years 1965 - 1987

The newsreel “Soviet cinema” was being issued from 1965 to 1987. Parts of the newsreel told about history and development of Soviet cinematography, acquainted spectators with various film studios, represented actors, directors, composers and other figures of cinema.

Foreign chronicle

Digitized 22 of 755. Years 1955 - 1989

The newsreel «Foreign chronicle» was being issued from 1955 to 1989 and represented a cinema-review of international events, told about life of foreign states, acquainted spectators with other countries, their history, culture, political structure and social order.

Secrets of Nature

Digitized 20 of 26. Years 1979 - 1995

Newsreel "Secrets of Nature" tells the viewer about the diversity of wildlife. Each newsreel consists of three stories. Newsreel designed for a wide range of audiences.

On the seas and oceans

Digitized 20 of 28. Years 1982 - 1990